Sunday, September 17, 2006


What a difference a week makes! True to form, Nicholas experienced his "first day of (fill in the blank) freak out" last week at his first soccer game, and then this week was like seeing a different kid. Amazing. Not only was he excited to play, he was asking to be put in the game as often as possible, kept impressive focus while playing, hustled after the ball and engaged, and even SCORED HIS FIRST GOAL EVER! (not that they keep score, but still - it counted as far as we were concerned). It was very thrilling indeed.

And funny. Because to watch that goal happen, it shouldn't have. It was the slowest-motion goal I've ever witnessed. He kicked the ball and it rolled to just in front of the goal line. And then sat there because no one thought, initially, to follow it up and actually kick it in the goal. So the parents are all yelling "kick it in! Kick it IN!", and finally spurred the kids into action and it was Nicholas who followed-up his kick and finished it off, kicking it over the goal line. Whew! He was so proud - the look on his face was priceless.

But not as proud as me. It was so wonderful to see him playing and having fun and showing some gumption, some competitiveness in a game situation that requires a little focus and patience. He's usually the kid that ends up crying and sucking his thumb. But not on Game Day. He was ON, and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Atta Boy, Nicholas. Your first goal EVER. You did it. You made your "plan" ("Mama, I have a plan. I'm not going to cry and I'm not going to quit. I'm going to try, try again.") and stuck to it, and it paid off. Continue to stick to the plan, Buddy, in everything you do and you'll be OK. I promise.

Fantastic! You must be so proud.
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