Monday, September 18, 2006

For The Love Of Spiderman

Overheard in our house every 5-10 minutes:

"Mama, I have a Spiderman birthday?"

From Lauren, who is crushing hardcore on Spiderman these days, and apparently needs constant reassurance that she will indeed be having a Spiderman-themed birthday. Which isn't until Nov. 8th. So I can pretty much look forward to saying, in the least-exasperated tone I can muster, "yes, Lauren, you can have a Spiderman birthday" approximately 158,498 more times.

I can hardly wait.

Bookworm had a spiderman theme birthday party when she turned four. When I ordered the cake, you should have seen the looks from the bakery clerk as I spelled out her name. Total disbelief.

To this day, both of my girls will drop whatever they're doing if they can watch the movies.
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