Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bus Stop Ladies Group

This has been the first full week that Nicholas has ridden the bus to school every morning. The bus stop is at the end of our block on the corner, about 3 houses away. Pretty convenient. Until this morning, it was just me and another mom waiting at the stop with our kids. But today? Today I got a taste of my mornings to come.

The bus stop was chock full of other kids today. These kids are older (4th and 5th graders!) and have been riding their bikes to school in a big gaggle every morning. But today their mothers wanted to have the kids ride the bus and let the bus driver know that it would be a big stop once the weather turns. I think there were about 8 or 9 kids at the stop, plus a few younger sibs hanging out as well.

All these moms have been hanging at the bus stop together for years, it seems. They all know each other, know each other's kids, and seem to know what's happening everywhere in the neighborhood. I'm the new mom on the block. The curiosity. It seems that the majority of these people have been inside my house before (which is a strange sensation so know that they person you're talking to has been inside your home, but not with you.), and one of the moms on the corner was the listing agent when we bought the place. She knows the house almost as well as I do. (I have her to thank for the new carpets that were installed when it went on the market. Otherwise I'd be living with hideous blue carpeting and mis-matched other colors in the bedrooms. So thanks, Joelle!) Most of them tend to take a mug of coffee with them to the bus stop, and they claim to sometimes stand on the corner, mug in hand, while still wearing flannel pajama bottoms. And then they linger, chatting for a few minutes after the kids have gotten on the bus, before heading back to their own houses.

I'll be seeing these moms every morning for the next 9 months. I'm sure I'll become casual friends with most of them. I'm friendly like that. A familiar face each morning at the very least. It's like I'm being initiated into a whole new realm of neighborhood sorority - the Bus Stop Ladies Group. Goodbye, playgroups. Welcome morning bus stop moms group.

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