Thursday, August 10, 2006

What Is Gross?

Gross is coming home after a lovely morning at the park to find that the dog has gone through your entire bathroom wastebasket, strewing the now-chewed contents all over your bedroom.

What's grosser? Knowing that nearly everything in the garbage can had something to do with STILL bleeding after the m/c.

The grossest? Beyond having to pick the filthy mess up is knowing that the foul dog has willfully injested a large portion of used sanitary products.


And, I'm having to forcefully prevent myself from throwing up just thinking about it.

I hate my dog.

I had a dog that would do that...made me nuts too!
That is nothing. As a child, I watched our hunting dog rifle through the litter box for a cat turd. Dogs are gross. Never kiss them on the lips.
Just reading this has me gagging. You really need to talk to your doctor - you shouldn't STILL be bleeding!
We had a cat that would steal dirty maxi pads & tampon applicators from the trash when I was growing up. It was BEYOND disgusting.
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