Friday, August 04, 2006


Mr. Chick and Nicholas are out with fellow guys enjoying a soccer game. This leaves Lauren and I home for some "girl time". We ate noodles together, did a puzzle, and she enjoyed a rare solitary bath. Then it was into bed for stories. A nice, pleasant evening with my young daughter, right?

We read a couple of books that had various animals in them. Typical childrens book fare. The last book was "Jungle Jamboree" - a real page-turner - and Lauren was demonstrating her ability to identify each animal and make it's corresponding sound (although she was stumped, as was I, as to what sound, exactly, a hippo makes. Anyone?) She roared for the tiger and lion. She "ooh-ooh'd" for the monkey. She trumpeted for the elephant. All was going swimmingly and she wasn't missing a beat. "Lauren, you know all the animals and their sounds! Good girl!"

And then...then... well, I farted. I let it slip and it was rather loud. It's what we girls do during Girls Nights, right?

"That's the sound Mama makes!" squealed my delighted daughter, giggling.

I'm so, so proud.

At our house Momma is a "party pooper" then Faith says "That means you poop at parties". She thinks that is absolutely hysterical.
My best friend in the entire world introduced herself to me at the delicate age of seven by showing how well she could fake fart. Ladies from the start!
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