Monday, August 14, 2006

Practice Makes Perfect

A lovely weekend was had by all over here. You? Very good. For me, this weekend's theme was "Practice Makes Perfect" on many fronts.

First, Lauren continues to rock my world with potty training and how easy it's been. We really didn't even plan to start her on the path of potty training, but it just sort of happened. She lead the way. And she's really embraced it. Sure, we've had a few accidents, but she's able to be in her big-girl (err, make that boy. She's insisting on being a boy, remember?) panties for most of everyday. I even dared to take her out of the house in said underwear on more than one occasion. I like to live on the wild side and tempt fate as much as possible. But she's remained dry on all of these outings, so really, how daring am I now? I'm very proud of Lauren for learning to go in the potty so consistently this quickly. But mostly, I'm proud of her for....

...staying dry at night!! Yes, that's right. Lauren has had 2-3 dry nights already. A completely wasted diaper, and I couldn't be more thrilled. Because this? is something her 5 year old big brother has never done. Ever. Not once. Ok, maybe once. But that's it. He still needs to be in a stupid Pull-Up at night. I swear, I should've bought stock in Pull-Up's - I'd be rich. Nicholas seems to have a very small bladder and sleeps like the dead. Plus, wetness doesn't bother him or make him wake up. Bad combo. So even when we restrict his fluids after dinner and make him pee right before bed, he still wakes up with a wet Pull-Up. Sometimes not very wet, but he peed in his sleep nonetheless. But here comes his little sister, not even 3 years old, and she's able to stay dry at night right off the bat. We don't make a big deal about him wearing Pull-Up's to sleep because it's clearly not something he's doing intentionally. He's just one of those kids who will be on the older side before his body is able to concentrate the urine and hold it in his bladder. It's completely normal.

But now it's tricky because we want to praise Lauren for her accomplishments without making him feel badly. During the day, Nicholas is her biggest cheerleader during this potty training effort. He willingly gives up his beloved Bambi stickers to her when she successfully visits the bathroom. He gives her high-fives and hugs. He's proud of her. It's the cutest damn thing I've witnessed betwee them in a long time. But how do we acknowledge her dry diaper in the morning without drawing attention to the fact that he's not dry? Tricky.

We're off to buy some more panties today for Lauren. She's earned them. Only we might have to shop in the boys section of underwear because she really really really wants Spiderman panties. I don't think they make Spiderman panties for girls - I've checked. So my daughter, my impish, tomboyish daughter, will be proudly wearing boys Spiderman underwear she can call her own. I'm tired of her digging through her brother's drawers for his SuperHero underwear. I don't mind her wearing his hand-me-down clothes, but I draw the line at my kids sharing underwear. Call me crazy.

On more "Practice Makes Perfect" news, we spent a fun 24 hrs at my parents lake cabin this weekend. Mr. Chick took the kids on the jet ski - both of the kids at the same time - for some practice. Nicholas loves being on the jet ski with Daddy because Daddy lets him drive it. Yes, my 5 yr old rides jet ski's. And he's good at it. He's scared of learning to ride his bike without training wheels because it would mean going too fast for his liking, but he'll gun the jet ski to full speed without blinking an eye. Have I mentioned Nicholas is quirky? Anyway, Nicholas and Lauren were getting much too comfortable on the jet ski. Cutting turns and going fast. I, on the other hand, am still tentative when I drive it. I make wide granny turns and chicken out at the thought of going too fast. What if I dump it? But the competitive nature of my personality took over and I asked Mr. Chick if he'd take ME out on the jet ski for some lessons. This tickled him immensely. "Afraid of your son kicking your ass?". "um, yeah. Now show me how to make turns without falling over."

And so he did. It was tricky with the two of us on the jet ski at the same time, but he got me going fast and cutting tight turns at high speeds so I'd get the feel for it. Practice makes perfect.

And just to put my fears to rest, he dumped us. Twice. I don't know whether it was on purpose or accidental, but into the lake we went and I got a lesson on flipping the jet ski back over and climbing back on from the deep water. And now? Now I'm not so freaked about it. Then, Mr. Chick purposely slid off the back and gave me the jet ski all to myself and told me to prove to him I learned something. So I did. I showed off. I gunned that sucker and cut some turns. I jumped some wakes. I kicked some ass. Because I? won't let a 5 yr old show me up. I don't care who he is!

Practice Makes Perfect.

awww too cute, no none wants to be shown up by a 5 year old in anything....too too cute
YEAH for Lauren and the potty training. Staying dry all night must be a girl thing. My boy's went forever with pull-ups at night. Faith - NEVER. I'm betting she'll be riding a "big girl bike" with no training wheels before her big brother. Again, girl thing. Faith has been riding her's without the extra wheels since she was 3 and 1/2. It still scares me to death. She'll fly down the driveway and slam on the brakes so she "burns rubber". God help us when she learns to drive a car!!!!
Way to go Lauren. Enjoy the spidey panties, LMAO.
I think you overthink too much the issue of praising Lauren in the morning when she's dry. Praise her! She deserves it! And Nicholas surely will realize that you are not scolding him, or calling his wetness to attention.

I will be honest, my girls are nearly 6 and 4.5 and they both wear pullups at night. I think the older one will be out of pullups within a couple months, since she is only wetting about one night in 11-13. But, I try not to make a big deal out of it. I do know it runs in their family (not my side, at least my husband has SOMETHING screwy in his family history, even if it is some non-issue).

And way to go Lauren!!!!
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