Monday, August 07, 2006


I'm finished, finally! After 4+ mos after moving into this house, the last box has been unpacked and broken down. That didn't take long (sheesh!).

This weekend I finally convinced Mr. Chick to help me move the last remaining file cabinet from the garage where it's been (erroneously) stored to the office, the biggest disaster of an unpacked room ever. That file cabinet was the last remaining lynchpin to the whole room getting sorted out. And I was in no hurry to tackle that room. Obviously. But after 4 months of the kids strewing important papers and various craft supplies all over the room (why oh why must kids follow you into every room? I get on the computer, they come hang out in here. Gah! You'd rather spill my gift wrapping ribbons on the floor than go play with your legos in the playroom? Geez!) I'd had enough and was ready to pull it together. So I did.

It doesn't look great, but it looks organized. Our "office" furniture consists of two mis-matched desks from our childhoods. You know those kinds of desks. Each is nice, by itself. Wood, solid. Decent quality. But they aren't a set, they just play one in our office. We have a tall 4-shelf bookcase, crammed full, and the two 2-drawer file cabinets with a countertop across the two to form a table. That's it. Definitely not glamorous, but it gets the job done, I suppose. The room itself is the original master bedroom, so there is a full bath in here. A random, ugly, 1970's bathroom. I pretend it doesn't exist and I've never used the potty in here. Never. This would be bathroom #4 in this house, and that's just one too many potties to clean. So the sliding pocket door that separates the toilet and stall shower from the vanity part remains determinedly closed at all times. But having a big counter with a sink near my crafts IS nice, I must admit. And having two closets in this room for storage kicks ass as well. You see, we have no attic space, so the various closets in this house are some of the only storage areas we have. Plus, when you shop at Costco as frequently as we do, you need to have someplace to shove the ginormous bag of 72 rolls of toilet paper.

And now those closets are meticulously organized. There is a bin for everything. All my wrapping stuff - neatly tucked away where I can find it. My discarded scrapbooking materials? In a bin. My sewing stuff? Bin. My crochet and jewelry making supplies? Organized by craft on my very own (small) craft table. It took HOURS to do this, and really, we're still not done. There isn't a single picture or diploma or anything on the walls. Nothing. But they're neatly stacked against the walls! Also, I had to sort through and make piles of various important papers and misc. crap that hasn't been filed since we moved here. That's a lot of paper to sift through. So there are neat stacks of papers and documents (and bank statements and receipts and loads and loads of untold crap) on these mis-matched desks, but nothing as been actually filed yet. Baby steps.

I just hope I can keep the kids from sweeping the stacks of paper off the desks and making me start over. I might not survive that.

But for now, I'm in love with this random office room because of all the effort it took to get it to this state. I could sit here and admire the tidy closets for hours. I know where everything is!

And being organized is a good, good state of mind. I thrive on organization. I'm usually quite organized in my life, so you can imagine how much I loathed this room. Let the guests arrive! I no longer have to shut this door in embarrassment and can include this room in any tour we give. Shoot, I might just invite the neighbors over just to show them this room!

We're finally finished moving. What a relief. I never want to move again. Ever. I hope I never have to.

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