Monday, August 28, 2006

Chick Getaway Weekend

Almost a year ago the Chick Family took a trip to Virginia to visit some good friends and attend the swanky wedding of some law school friends. Fun trip. We had the opportunity to be bumped from our return flight, and took it. It meant we got 3 free round-trip ticket vouchers for our trouble (Lauren was under 2 yrs old then and didn't have her own ticket. That's why just 3 tix). But we needed to use the tickets within a year of the vouchers being issued. That time is rapidly approaching.

Mr. Chick has grandparents that live in Michigan with whom he's close. They're getting older and really slowing down. His grandfather had a hip replacement surgery about a year ago, and just recently had a pacemaker put in. So Mr. Chick really wants to go see them. Only, they are now easily overwhelmed by a lot of people, so he's just taking Nicholas for the visit. Lauren and I are staying home. While I'd like to see them, too, and let them see Lauren again, I understand that it's just better to keep the number of visitors to a minimum. So that leaves just one single, solitary plane ticket available for my use. One. Where does one go by oneself? I often pine for some time to myself, like when I'm peeing with an audience of 2 kids, but I don't like the idea of travelling somewhere alone. Not nearly the sort of idyllic vacation I envision.

I had thought of visiting my best friend from high school, who lives up in Alaska. We weren't able to get together on her last visit down here this summer, so I figured I would just go to her. Plus, I've never been to Alaska and would like to see it. But the voucher we have is apparently restricted and travelling to Alaska might not work out. Bummer. Now what?

We had dinner the other night with another friend of mine. She used to be my roommate before we both got married. Like me, she's a full-time SAHM with two young kids. So she's often itching to get away as well. We were talking and I mentioned my free ticket I need to use - soon - and how I'm struggling with the best way to use it if Alaska doesn't work out. She piped in with the fact that her in-laws Winter in Palm Springs (they have a house there), but that Winter doesn't start until around Thanksgiving. We could probably stay at their house if we wanted to go to Palm Springs. Hello - !! Um, YES PLEASE! What a grand idea! I was hoping not to drop a wad of cash on a trip, and this option fits in nicely with my cheap budget: free airfare and free lodging. Sold. She's willing to pay for a ticket to get a long weekend away from her kids, so we're looking into flights now. I hope we can put this together! I was looking forward to Alaska, but since the airline is being difficult about that and it not being in the lower 48, blah blah blah, I'll roll with the Palm Springs option. Mr. Chick and I met in Palm Springs, so it has a special place in my heart (gotta love spring break 1992 - rock it!). I haven't been back since that first (and only) fateful trip.

So I get to have a Chick Getaway Weekend! Yay! Very cool. If/once we arrange the details, we'll look into a couple of nice restaurants in which to dine, perhaps a spa treatment or two, and plenty of lounge time. There is a pool, so we'll be hanging by the pool quite a bit, I'm sure (although I'll be slathered in spf 45 and crouching under a shade umbrella to protect my fair, freckled Irish/German skin from the evil sun. Bad Sun! Bad!). We'll read, laugh, go out, indulge, sleep late, nap, and eat. Perfect weekend, yes? I'm very much looking forward to it.

Gotta love a girlfriend who'll plan a vacation with you around a free voucher and call in a favor with her tricky in-laws. Priceless.

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