Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Greetings, devoted readers. Sorry to have abandoned you for nearly a week. It's just that it's summer and it was too hot there for awhile to even think about sitting down at my computer, which is located in the hottest room in our house. We mostly left it off for the majority of the heat wave.

Now I'll bring you up to speed on the latest "happenings". Nothing much, sad to say, but in the grand scheme of life, that's really a good thing.

First, we survived the heat. It sucked, plain and simple. But thanks to the generosity of kind neighbors who brought over a small window a/c unit for us to borrow during the worst of it, I had a limited space in my kitchen where I could get a breather from the heat. The a/c unit was much too small to make much of a difference, but for the 4-5 feet around it, it was heavenly. (most of our windows are crank-style that open out and you can't put a window a/c unit in those windows. There are only a few windows in our house that are single or double-hung that could accommodate the a/c unit. One of those was the windows in the kitchen, which is where we put it. But the kitchen is larger than average with vaulted ceilings, and opens directly into a long room for casual dining and then family room. Too much space for a tiny unit to adequately cool. oh well, it helped a bit.) Mr. Chick and I ended up sleeping for 4 nights on the hide-a-bed in the family room, and we put the kids downstairs in the basement. After 3-4 days of 104+ heat even our basement didn't feel so cool anymore. And the nights didn't cool off much, either. At one point, it was at least 85 degrees AT MIDNIGHT, so opening up the house wouldn't help to cool it down. That was as cool as it was going to get. And yes, my thermostat hit 86 degrees AT NIGHT for a couple of nights. It was rough, but that's what summer is about: figuring out how to sleep in the heat, and finding ways to keep cool during the day. Mostly activities involving hoses.

On another note, I finally broke down and took Lauren to a hair salon to get her hair cut. Not trimmed, cut. I'd had it with her not letting me comb it and it constantly looking ratty and in her face. There is nothing that bugs me more than a child with stringy hair hanging in their faces. Oohhhh...!!! And since she fought me so hard and refused any clips, barrettes or pigtails of any kind, off to the salon we went. I had them cut it in a short A-line bob: it's shorter in the back and sort of stacked and angles along her jaw line in the front. It's just longer than her earlobe in the front, and about at her hairline in the back. And you know what?? IT'S ADORABLE!! It cups just right all over and hangs so nicely. It's no longer in her face. I can go days and days without having to comb it, and it still looks decent. She can get it wet and it dries perfectly. It's amazing and I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner. It seems to be a trend, too, because I noticed Perfect Neighbor next door (the one with 7 kids that homeschools and keeps an immaculate home) also cut her two 3 year old daughters hair the same way (that's right, TWO 3 yr olds. One biological and one adopted from China. The girls are about 5 months apart). And another friend I know recently gave her daughter the same cut. It works. If I had a camera that worked I'd take a pic and show you.

Day camp for Nicholas worked out so beautifully that I've signed him up for another week starting next week. The theme: Yummy In My Tummy. He's going to learn how to make all sorts of snacks and stuff. He's pumped, and I'm scared about what he's going to try to re-create at home.

And lastly, if anyone can tell me where the damn remote control is for our TV I'm offering a hefty reward. We've looked everywhere and can't find it. And it's just so annoying to have to change channels and turn the television on and off manually. Our TV makes it difficult to do. So please, if you know where I can find the remote, tell me and I'll make it worth your time.

Ok, really lastly, is anyone else watching RockStar: SuperNova?? I'm only slightly embarrassed to admit to being hooked on this show. A little edgier than American Idol. Plus, there is a rocker chick from Portland (Storm Large - really, that's her name. Ridiculous, I know) so I can't help but watch the local girl compete. As bizarre as Dilana is (what is WITH all those freaky piercings all over her face??!), she's head and shoulders above the rest of the competitors. She's compelling to watch and I like her voice. She's far and away the leader, in my opinion, than anyone else. Most consistent and talented. Bobble-head Phil needs to go, as does Dana. I like Patrice, but she's somehow not rough enough or something. The Aussie is cute, but no. Same with the Ice Man Magni. Ryan Star is too soft. The freak boy with all the eyeliner is just that: too freaky. And the local chick, Storm, has her some insane-looking eyes that sort of weird me out. The petite girl Jill is cool, but looks more like a pop star than a rock star and is trying too hard to be tough. I agreed with Gilby last night that she came across as cheap when she was grinding up against him. Ewww. I'm not sure about the chick with the bangs and the shiny blue unitard, but the outfit alone is enough to make me want to see her go. Just no. Regardless, though, I'm addicted to this stupid show and look forward it each week. Anyone else have opinions to share?? Would love to hear what others are thinking about this crop of wanna-be's.

Off to vacuum - my floors are a wreck!

Lauren's haircut sounds cute! It sounds so much shorter - hopefully you can post a picture soon. Glad Nicolas is enjoying day camp. Tried to follow Rock Star but keep forgeting when it comes on. Last season was entertaining.

You can purchase a universal remote for about $5.00 at your local mart. Although, I do remember Mr. Chick saying you weren't allowed to purchase a single thing for the new house :).
Hey there,

We just got a window unit for a casement window. For some reason they are double the cost (ours was $400 cdn), but you can get them at Home Depot. It is saving my leg encased life!
Short hair definitely works on little girls, especially if they don't want you to mess with it...That cracks me up about the remote control! We have two and they are always missing, them and out two phones...
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