Wednesday, July 05, 2006


First: I got impatient and just cut some bangs myself. Good call - much better. Should have done so months ago! Much more flattering and I like my hair again. Anything to make me feel better these days.

Second: Dr. appt scheduled for Monday the 10th. Will be about 7 wks then. I'm scared as hell - how silly am I? It makes it all official, somehow.

Third: Mr. Chick made the appointment to get his "wings clipped" (his phrasing). Aka: vasectomy. Too little, too late, but better late than never. Aug. 25th = The Big Snip. This Will Never Happen Again!

sounds like you are coping a little better now..I keep thinking about you, wishing you luck to overcome your feelings and believe in yourself
Hey, You sound like a chick I can relate to.
Coincidentally, I have created a comic strip at the start of 2006. It's called Chick Chat. It's one-panel in format and involves quirky conversations between women of all cartoon descriptions.I create about one or two a month. It's a nice way to keep in touch with friends. I created it because I needed a creative outlet to relieve stress. I'm a reserved individual with a great sense of humour who is soft spoken and not really understood as most of the time people tell me to speak up! So, to be heard I decided to use words and art to express my humour. Anyway, enough said. If you're interested in view my humour:
comments welcome
I will be thinking about you tomorrow for your first official appt!

Tuesday is a big day for us. Another ultrasound to check on any growth of my fibroid on my uterus.

Hoping to hear good news for you and me!

~ Kelly
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