Monday, July 31, 2006

Nearly 4 Weeks

Today marks the beginning of the 4th week since the miscarriage, and I'm STILL bleeding. Sometimes lightly, sometimes more. But it's a constant and I'm getting quite sick of it, frankly. I don't remember bleeding for this long with my other m/c's. Shoot, I barely bled this long after either of my kids were born! (graphic warning - read at your own risk - TMI ahead:) yesterday, I completely soaked through a tampon in 4 hours. I don't even do that on my normal period! Normally, if I wanted, I could wear a tampon all day and not soak it. But nearly 4 weeks after m/c'ing, I'm soaking through. Do you think I should be concerned?

I had my follow-up appointment 2 weeks ago and they confirmed that I lost the pregnancy. They told me I had a "little bit of blood left in there - just a tiny amount", but otherwise everything looked good and normal (based on yet another oh-so-enjoyable internal u/s aka The Wand, or Big Daddy, as I like to call it) I call bullshit. This is a "little bit"? Methinks you need to redefine your terms, or consider the possibility that I'm hemorraging more than I should. Open wound in my uterus? Now that's a lovely thought.

And so I must continue to go through my stash of feminine supplies at a much faster rate than normal, and be grateful that I never did throw away my "nasty panties" for nighttime use (you know you have some, too!) They are soooo sexy - Mr. Chick loves them! At this rate I might still be OTR when Mr. Chick goes in for The Big Snip in a month. One can only hope.

My suggestion is to check with your dr. Sounds like the bleeding should have at least lightened up tremendously by now.

Just my 2 cents!
Not to alarm you.... Just information:

Sometimes if the "POC" isn't fully expelled from the uterus, you will have extended bleeding. This is why some women need a d&c after a miscarriage - the extended bleeding isn't really good for you and eventually it should take care of itself. But, I'm thinking if you're still soaking through at all, you should have your doc check things out. A d&c is pretty simple and way better to do that then keep bleeding.

In my humble, and sadly experienced, opinion.

I'm glad to hear that everything else is good, though. :)
I'm with Holly... it sounds like you might need a D&C. :(
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