Monday, July 31, 2006

It's Official

It's official: I'm now a full-fledged Soccer Mom. It's true. I knew it would happen someday. It was inevitable. I married into a crazy-about-soccer family, so it went without saying that my kids WILL play soccer, and they'll love it, dammit, or else!

We signed Nicholas up for league soccer this fall. Real teams, real practices, real games. Ridiculous at age 5, but fun for them anyway. At his level they play 3v3 with no goalie. Ball-bunchers, essentially. There are 6 kids per team. Clearly we're not the only nutty people who are pushing their kids into organized sports at a tender age because there are 26 kindergarten teams. TWENTY SIX! I guess when each team only has 6 kids it makes sense that there would be many teams formed, but still - !

So we were recently contacted by his coach. Coach Piazza. Mr. Chick (a certified soccer coach himself - he coached U11 - U-12 classic soccer for 6+ yrs, pre-kids) is happy that Nicholas is getting an Italian coach, since Italy won the World Cup and all. Start him out on the right foot and all that. Uh-huh, sure. Whatever. Anyway, practices start TODAY and will be every week for 1 hr. until the first game in early September, breaking for Labor Day.

Nicholas is SO EXCITED he's beside himself. He gets a real uniform. That's more exciting that playing soccer - the uniform. He's been counting down the days until today, his first soccer practice. I think he's forgetting that he's played soccer before - Tiny Tots - but maybe that doesn't count because it wasn't a TEAM with UNIFORMS and a COACH who will play GAMES for real, just like Daddy does.

But here's where I'm starting to scare myself: I volunteered to be the Team Parent. Like I said, I'm officially a Soccer Mom now. I get to be the one to pick up and distribute the uniforms (UNIFORMS!), administer the fundraiser (cookie dough, anyone??), draw up the schedule for snacks at games, and organize the end-of-season celebration. Lucky me. But it's a small team, and the coach is also one of the parents, so coordinating just 4 other people shouldn't be too bad. At least, that's what I'm telling myself.

This is the first step in a long line of parent-supported kid activities/athletics in the next 12+ yrs. Let the games begin! Only, if I start sporting "soccer mom" jeans and driving a minivan, somebody arrange for an intervention, ok?

I was so excited to start soccer but I just couldn't put that soccer ball bumper sticker on my car! Now I see them all the time and think Ah! you caved in! But prior to that I never thought much about the bumper stickers. Mine won't play this year and I'm so sad about that. She mentions cheerleading a lot.(!) Where did that come from? She's only 5!!!

You'll love being a soccer mom; I surely did. Now my 10 year old wants to play Flag football, so what am I now? a football mom? LOL

Enjoy the fun of soccer! And stay cool!
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