Thursday, July 20, 2006

Heat Wave

It's been the top story of the local news for a few days now: Heat Wave '06. It's coming! Be prepared! Starting today the weather is about to get hot. Lava hot. Hellishly hot. Too hot for me, in other words. Mid-to-high 90's today and tomorrow, and 102+ Saturday and Sunday. People, hotter than 85 and I get bitchy. I don't do heat. And now we're getting record-setting temps yet again.

Feel for me. I'm going to have to ride out this heat wave with NO a/c, a few ceiling fans, 1 occillating fan circa 1982, and very few window coverings to shade us from the onslaught of sunlight. We just have shades in the bedrooms and no where else. Yet. This is a problem. I've managed to open up the house (now that we have new windows with screens) and cool it down to 67 degrees, but I fear I'll see my thermostat hit 87 at night before the weekend is through.

I predict a few nights sleeping in the (daylight) basement and a few afternoons sitting squarely under a sprinkler. I might just survive. Barely.
Maybe I'll lose a few pounds from sheer sweat alone. A silver lining!

Wow - you don't have A/C? I must have missed that in the description of your new home when you posted the same. I feel for you, MP. We've had near 100 degree temps for nearly two weeks now...but at least there'a A/C around where I've been at inside.
I feel your pain!

This "no a/c in the northwest" business is killing me. I don't care what it costs- when we buy a house, it's having a/c!!!
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