Wednesday, July 12, 2006


It's over. Done. Finished. Behind me. Last night I miscarried. Don't worry - it wasn't too bad. Nothing 3-4 Vicodan over the course of the night couldn't make all better. It was a little messy and required me getting up from my bed every 2 hrs all.night.long. to hit the bathroom, but this morning I seem to be down to a slow trickle and know that I passed everything last night. It was kinda hard to miss.

What's surprising me this morning is how good I feel, physically. The morning sickness? Gone. I'm a bit tired from getting up so frequently during the night, but I can tell it's that kind of tiredness this morning and not the bone-crushing 1st trimester fatigue I'd been having. I even feel less bloated/poochy. And that's a very good thing.

So it was a teeny-tiny bit sad for me when the miscarriage was actually happening.
Even though this wasn't something I wanted - yet - as a mother I know what could have been. I'm sure I would have come around eventually to the thought of another baby to love. I mean, I do make adorable babies, after all [grin]. But in the end, this was the best thing for everyone. And now I can focus on the 2 cherished children I do have, because they are both characters and deserve my undivided attention. Of which they haven't gotten enough lately with all of this drama going on. But now, that's behind me and we can move on. I'm more than ready to move on.

My next move? To figure out which method of birth control to employ to get us through to the Big V snip and beyond until we get the "all clear" signal from the urologist. Because I've learned my lesson - the hard way - that condoms and/or withdrawal is NOT fool-proof, even if you're "accident" free. Like, duh! I'm flirting with getting a shot of Depo, which would see me through the next 3 months, and by then Mr. Chick should be shootin' blanks. But I'm leery of Depo's side-effects, like weight gain and irregular periods. I don't know - I have another 2 weeks before my follow-up appointment and will think on it some more before making my decision. Any recommendations out there?

I'm off to eat breakfast nausea-free! I actually have an appetite this morning! Oh, and full-strength coffee! Oh how I've missed it. Things are looking all shiny and bright today. And now I can even look forward to the big white water rafting trip we're going on this weekend! It's an annual thing with a big group of law school friends, and I wasn't looking forward to it AT ALL if I was feeling as crappy as I had been. Queasy tummy and rapids do not mix well. But now? Bring on the white water and fun evenings at the campsite. I'm ready. (I just hope my bleeding simmers down enough in the next 3 days to be no big deal out in the wilderness. Because that could potentially really suck.)

This was the way things were meant to work out. Don't feel bad for me. I'm doing quite well.

I never had problems with Depo until I was on it for more than a year and a half, then I had a terrible time with it. I'm on the Nuva ring now, and love it. Very little weight gain (3-5 lbs)and no problems for the last 7 months.
Glad to hear you are handling things well. It is kind of amazing how that worked out. I know I would never wish a m/c on anyone but God must have known it wasn't right. And thank goodness it was early and fairly easy. no good b/c options here. I am on the IUD and that is probably a big longer term option than you were thinking plus it would cost quite a bit. Love it though. I'd probably just be extremely careful, no unprotected sex, no sex mid cycle et. I don't know much about Depo...
I hated DEPO. I gained 25 pounds on it over the course of 9 months (3 shots).

After my 2 kids (all we want as well), born in May of 03 and May of 05, I now have a Mirena IUD. I have about 4 friends that have it, too, and we all love it. I'm one of the lucky ones - I have no periods. Plus, you can leave it in for 5 years. You would be set before and after the big snip. My DH is getting one in 2007. Good luck. (PS my insurance fully covered the IUD, I just paid a $10 co-pay)
I had good luck with my Mirena IUD up until the last few weeks. But like Jen said, it's probably more long-term than you need.

My sister used Depo after her little girl was born. It was bad news- weight gain, depression, hair loss... and now, 3 years later, she's struggling with secondary infertility. (Which wouldn't be an issue, obviously, but it's done some wacky things with her hormones.)
I had the IUD after Zoe and loved it. 99.9 percent effective and you don't have to think about anything. My insurance also covered it aside from the co-pay.

I'm glad that you've found peace in all of this. Everything happens for a reason, huh? Life is strange that way.
I liked Depo, but be careful it takes awhile to start working like A MONTH!! The best side effect was no periods ever! I would still be on it if I didn't have Blood clot issues. Hated the IUD because of the horrible periods. Actually had to forfeit a white water rafting trip myself because there was just no way I could be that far from a bathroom for more than 2 or 3 hours! Good luck on your choice. Thank you for the reminder, my husband and I have been playing fate also time for the snip!! for sure!
You know, I've never ever congratulated someone on a m/c before but my God, who can argue with your evident relief and resulting peace? Nobody, that's who. I'm glad it went as well as it could have physically and that you feel so good.

I have an IUD but is that really an option for short term? I guess it could be. I love it. Had it between Elle & Anna Sofia too.

Good luck on deciding. I hope you enjoyed your weekend trip!
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