Thursday, July 13, 2006

Big Water

The Chick Family (ok, really just the Chick Couple - Baby Chicks not included) are headed out of town for a long weekend of white water rafting on the gorgeous Rogue River. It's an annual trip with a bunch of friends from law school - about 20 people. Fun, fun group. Except for the parents of one of the people going (who will be our guides), Mr. Chick and I are the oldest ones of the group. We're not the only married people, but we're the only ones with kids. We were sort of the exception to the norm in law school in that regard.

Mr. Chick's cousin will be coming to stay with the kids while we're gone. She's nannied for us before on vacations, so I'm confident she'll do fine with them for 3 days. She's 21 and will be a senior at UofO this fall. She's never been to our new house before, so I'm suddenly consummed with an urgent need to get the place super-clean since she'll be living here for a few days. I also need to hit the grocery store to get the cupboards stocked full for the weekend. I need to hit the bank to take out some cash to leave her. I need to change the sheets on our bed. I need to get her a guest pass at the YMCA so she can go there with the kids if she chooses. The list goes on and on, and I only really have today to do it all since I was forced to take it easy for a day or two following the miscarriage. I didn't even know if I'd be able to go on this trip or not, given the circumstances. But judging by how good I feel and how dramatically reduced my flow is (gah! I hate that word. There is just no good word to use when referring to your period. They all suck), I'm up for the trip. Really up for it. It's my only getaway all summer. It won't be fun dealing with my, um, feminine needs, while on the river, but I'll manage. Plus, now that I'm not pregnant anymore, I can kick back with the occassional beer on the water and enjoy some yummy Yucca or Sangria at camp at night. There is an annual dance-off** around the campfire, and I'll need to have had a few cocktails if I'm to participate this year.

So enjoy your weekend, whatever your plans. I will be. This weekend will be just the thing to renew myself after the recent hellish few weeks. The water will wipe everything clean.

** The campfire dance-off is no ordinary dance-off. People are expected to create a new dance move and perform it around the campfire. Our trip organizer, a big former offensive lineman turned attorney, pulls moves like "The Shopping Cart" or "The Drunken Paddler". Creativity and originality are key. For complete lack of either last year I think I did something lame like the PeeWee Herman move and called it a day. I need to redeem myself this year to compensate for being so lame last time. I'm thinking of perfecting something like the "The Nasty Diaper", since kids is something I have over everyone else. You know, rock out while pantomiming removing a foul diaper, shake your head while pinching your nose to the beat or something, then bust a move showing throwing the diaper over your shoulder or something. All the while rocking out around the fire. In front of other drunk buffoons. Hey, we're not pros, but it IS fun, dorky as it sounds. I think I need to think some more on this, clearly.

do you think we could come along..I so need a relaxing vacation...hell I'd take a working vacation right now, hehehe!
Have a GREAT time and enjoy a drink (or two, or three!!!) around the campfire.
You deserve it.
Thinking of you,
Hey, I guess the force is working....I am happy you got want you wanted and that you are feeling good.:)
from the picture you look like your on the dechutes river - I could be wrong. I too live in OR Medford to be exact - and we have a family vaction home in Sunriver OR (bend)
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