Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Spring Pics

Our digital camera is busted (thanks, Lauren!) so I've not been able to take many photos for a few months. I've had to rely on others to have their cameras with them and then send me the photos at their convenience. It's not a system I would recommend.

To that end, I recently received these images of my kids in my inbox. It's been awhile since I've posted any pictures of the Baby Chicks, so here they are:

"Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do?" This was taken just this past weekend at the Portland Starlight Parade. It's part of the Rose Festival and always fun (minus the rain, but that's to be expected. It's Portland during Rose Festival, after all. It ALWAYS rains during Rose Festival. You get used to it.)

Last month I joined a friend for a day at the zoo. Of all the animals, the kids had the most fun with the silly birds. Lorikeets, to be exact. I think it's because these were the only animals you got to touch and feel (other than the stinky goats), and that goes a long way with kids. It's not everyday you get to have a bird land on you. Thankfully, none pooped on us, which is more than I can say for my kids.

Nicholas feeds the lorikeet at the zoo.

Lauren makes a good roost for the lorikeet

MP and her baby chicks at the zoo

And since we're on the subject of Rose Festival (we are, aren't we? Well, in my mind we are.) I'm joining my parents, 2 nephews and niece to take the kids down to the Rose Festival Fun Center (aka carnival). I think we might be asking for trouble, but we're risking it anyway. We'll be riding the MAX train to get downtown, so I'm sure that will be one of the most fun "rides" of the day. It's supposed to be lovely weather, so why not enjoy the sunshine while watching the freaks-on-parade at the annual Fun Center and eating lots of crappy carny food? But first, we must get through the final swimming lesson of the session. It's been very touch-and-go with the swimming lessons, and the instructor even used the phrase "hissy fit" in his comments about Nicholas summarizing his progress this session.


But the lesson on Monday was great and I'm holding out hope that the lure of going down the water slide as the end-of-session treat and then heading to the fun center with Grandma and Grandpa will be motivation enough to ensure ending on a good note. Wish me luck.

sounds better than before...actually sounds like fun!
scratch the notion of "ending on a good note". Swim lessons did NOT go well today - but what's new? He started having a big fat fit 5 minutes into the lesson. I was able to talk him down and get him back in the water, but it only lasted 7 seconds and he was a bawling cry baby again. So I hauled him out of there and we left. No water slide for him. I didn't bail on the Fun Center despite my urge to just take him straight home, but I told him he would be getting NO treats at the carnival. He was saddened by this, but that's the price you pay. Except for no treats, he (and the rest of us) had a great time riding the kiddie rides and everyone behaved themselves appropriately. It's just those damn swimming lessons that morph him into a devil-child - UG!
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