Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Live and In-Person!

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then a video is the Gettysburg Address. A video is a picture brought to life. For Father's Day, Mr. Chick created this little video of Nicholas and Lauren to send to his dad and granddad.

I shot it about a month ago (back when Lauren was willing to allow me to comb her hair and put a barrette in it). Nicholas decided it was time for Lauren's nap and managed to get her into her bed and decided to read her the obligatory 2 stories. I grabbed the camera and started filming because it was just so damn cute. He read her two stories - really read them! - and then proceeded to even sing her the "night night song" I made up for the kids when they were babies (they each have their own version). I couldn't believe it - it was a very precious moment. For time sake, Mr. Chick edited the video to just the first story; the classic "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" by Eric Carle. You will see/hear Nicholas prompt/quiz Lauren at various parts of the story, just like I do. But it's funny, because he's asking her about what's coming next without showing her the picture. He thinks she can read the words like he can. Silly kid. He also gives her praise, just like I do. It's strange to hear yourself channeled through your kid. And you can see his confusion at the very end of the story, when the words he reads don't quite match up to how it's supposed to go. He reads out of order and it throws him just a bit. He makes a nice recovery. With a cover so flawless I see a future of public speaking.

And, you can get a taste of Lauren's verbal ability and how she tends to drop off the final sounds of words. Like when she tries to say "horse" and it sounds like "hor".

So on that note, I present Baby Chicks Storytime:

Holy cow that's cute! Love hearing their voices. Love when he said, "nice try Lauren." So cute.
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