Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Helmet Head

Who can explain the bizarre, quirky behavior of a 2 1/2 year old child who insists on wearing a big blue bike helmut around for days on end?? ("my hat, Mama - I wanna wear my hat!") It's not a good look. But first thing every morning for the past few days Lauren has put on this stupid bike helmut, fastened the straps under her chinny-chin-chin, and kept the damn thing on all day.

She wears it at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

She wears it at the park, despite getting a sweaty underneath.

She doesn't take it off until it's time for bed, and then the helmut sits in the chair next to her bed.

She'd wear it in the hottub if I let her, and I'm sure she'd wear it to bed as well. I have to draw the line somewhere.

She looks ridiculous and sweet at the same time, as only a funny toddler can. My very own "special" child in the helmut. Help me.

Perhaps it's a show of solidarity and she's covering her hair much the same way I did for most of last week? Yeah, maybe not. Maybe it's more to prevent me from running a comb through her hair each morning? That's more likely. She's resisted with every fiber of her being her hair being touched for a couple of months now. She used to be so placid about it - I could comb her hair and put barrettes or whatnot in it, but those days seem to be a dim memory anymore.

Or maybe, she just likes the damn helmut and thinks it's the greatest accessory a girl could have. I hope she comes to her senses soon. But then again, with as fearless and physical as my daughter is, perhaps keeping her noggin well-protected when she plays at the park or wrestles with her brother isn't such a bad idea after all. It's more practical and easier on the pocketbook than a shoe obsession, after all.

Suddenly, her recent bouts with wearing rain boots with shorts, or wearing her brother's old superhero pajama tops all over town don't seem like bad choices anymore. Because the helmut? It's a sad look.

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