Friday, June 16, 2006

Girls Lake Retreat

Tonight, I'm not a mom. Tonight, I'm not a wife. Tonight, I'm a friend. Tonight, I'm me. Well, ok, I'll always be a mom, and hopefully always be a wife, too. But tonight I get to slip away with 4-5 other girlfriends to my parents lake house for a night off. For a night of eating and drinking and talking and laughing. Maybe even some crying, too, depending. There might even be some sleeping, but who knows. We're ALL looking forward to some time away from our daily lives to reconnect and recharge our batteries. Much planning has gone into our Great Escape:

Carpooling plans.
Food plans.
Babysitting plans.

Nothing about checking out for a night ever comes easy.

We're taking off from my house, aka Ground Zero, by 3:30pm at the latest. Then we're making tracks up the freeway to pick up the other duo before racing to the lake for our night away. No kids, no husbands. Just friends. Good friends. Lifetime friends. And lots of alcohol and snackables.

Grilled shrimp skewers
Green salad
Crusty bread
Chips and 7-layer dip
Strawberry pie
Drinks, drinks and more drinks.

And hottubbing under the moon and trees with a gorgeous lake view. And music. And funny stories. And gossip. And reconnection.

And then we all must return to our regularly scheduled programming far too early. But we'll be a happier, if hung, bunch. I can't wait!

Beyond jealous here! You are right, though. All moms need time to recharge, and I hope you come back feeling better than you left.
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