Monday, June 26, 2006

Full Circle

This weekend I took the kids on a little roadtrip. We had been invited to attend the graduation party of my cousin's oldest son, Aaron (does that make Aaron my 2nd cousin? 1st cousin-once-removed? I get these things confused...). As I was getting ready for the trip I had a flashback: at my own high school graduation party, a mere 18 years ago (gulp!), Aaron was a little baby and I had a picture of him sitting on my lap that day. I haven't fully unpacked the photo albums and other memorabilia, but I dug through a few boxes in search of that photo. I was determined to find it. I wanted to bring it along to show everyone. It took some doing, but I finally found the picture of us:

Taken at my high school graduation party. Aaron was a wee babe then, drooling on my presents. I haven't changed a bit in 18 years!! It's a miracle.

I felt like a huge geek, but I busted out that picture and showed his family. They didn't remember it being taken but enjoyed seeing it. It was very surreal, looking at that sweet baby perched on my lap as I basked in the glow of my graduation, and then seeing him in the same position as the new graduate. Only this time I was much older. And it was even weirder when I caught of glimpse of Aaron, the cute, chubby baby in that photo, sitting with MY daughter on HIS lap.

It was a very full-circle experience. I'm sure he'll be bringing his small children to the graduation parties we throw for Nicholas and Lauren in just 13 and 16 more years, respectively. It'll go by in a blink.

Aaron today, a high school graduate. I attended his grad party this weekend. A very full circle moment, yes?

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Love that pic of you, SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!

A total full circle moment!!!!!!

So awesome!
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