Friday, June 16, 2006

Could This Be It?

I think we're standing at the precipice. It could go either way. I don't want to push too hard for fear of making things worse, but I'm excited at the thought that This Could Be It. What? you ask. Simple! Potty training young Lauren, of course. Duh!

Nearly every day this week Lauren has managed to pee in the potty one time. Once each day. That's it. It's like something she needs to do in order to check it off her daily list. "Tinkle in potty - check!" and then gets back to the business of emptying her bowels in her diaper. The thing is, SHE'S telling US when she needs to pee on the potty. And mostly, she tells us when we're in the hottub. I think it's the relaxing warm water that does it. She'll climb her slick, chubby, naked body out of the hottub and announce she has to "pee pee in potty chair" and take off for the door. We scramble to catch up to her. But lately, without fail, she's able to pee in varying amounts once she sits her bum on the throne. She's even been able to tell me, after my incorrect presumption she was finished, "no Mama - more pee pee" and lo and behold, she peed more. So I KNOW she's starting to correctly read the signals her bladder is sending out. I mean, she farts and thinks she needs to pee on the potty. So far, she's never managed anything solid. THAT will be the day!

And also, she's never managed two successful potty visits in a single day. She gets that one in, and every other subsequent visit yield nothing.

Nicholas is getting in on the action, too. It's adorable. If Lauren pees on the potty, he's usually right there in the bathroom with us, cheering her on. And when she's successful, he runs to find his Bambi coloring book - the one with the stickers in it - and ceremoniously gives her a Bambi sticker as a reward. From him to her. He asks her where she wants her sticker and puts it in it's selected spot for her. This is a big, big deal - Nicholas is very protective of his Bambi stickers, so for him to willingly give one to Lauren is a generous act of kindness. I love that he feels like he can help participate in this and "teach" her how to be a big girl. In fact, just the other day he was peeing while Lauren was in the bathroom and he felt compelled to offer more instruction, "Lauren, this is a penis. See my penis? Boys have penises but you don't because you're a girl." End of lesson. I had to stifle my laughter.

So to honor the progress that Lauren is making, and seems interested in continuing to make, I'm making a special trip to the store today to purchase some GIRL training pants for her. I'm hoping this takes it to the next level and moves us another step closer to becoming a diaper-free household. I'm NOT going the pull-ups route if I can help it. If she is unable to remain dry at night, like her brother, then we'll consider Pull-Ups for her for nighttime. But I'm opposed to using them during the day.

So wish us luck. I really think this could be it!

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