Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Why I Want To Be Pet-Free

Cost of making a batch of chocolate chip cookies: $4.37 (total wild guess)

Cost of losing half the batch to the dog snatching them while we were gone: $2.17

Watching the dog get sick to her stomach (I hope): PRICELESS

Effing dog! I made a batch of the worlds BEST chocolate chip cookies (see Kick-Ass Cookie Recipe in April 2005 archives. Truly delicious!) with the kids this afternoon. It was a fun activity for all of us. I left 4 dozen cookies to cool on the counter while we left to go pick up some shoes we had new soles put on for Mr. Chick. When we got back, just 21 cookies remained, along with a bunch of crumbs on the floor and a very guilty looking dog. I got pissed and yelled and put her outside. She hasn't gotten sick, but I hope she does. That many cookies CAN'T have been good for her - especially the chocolate part. Damn dog. Normally she's good, but every so often she'll do crap like this that makes me want to be pet-free for awhile. GRRRR!!!!

Maybe I should be grateful that she prevented ME from eating that many cookies. My ass is better off. Better her than me.

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