Monday, May 22, 2006


Ahhh - what a difference some time away can make on one's mental health. Mr. Chick had to attend a planning conference for his new law firm in Sunriver, OR. One of our favorite places to go for a getaway (it's just over 3 hrs away from where we live). But the best part? NO KIDS. My parents took the kids for the weekend so we could go and have a few days off. Heaven!

We attended the "non-shareholder" dinner Friday night and I was introduced to a few of his new co-workers and their spouses. Nice people. Good food. We were beat so we crashed early.

Saturday was MY day. Mr. Chick had to be at the conference at 8am, so I had the whole, entire day to myself. Do you know how rare that is?? Time just for me to do whatever I want. No one hassling me. No one else's schedule to keep. Just me and the whole day. I was giddy! I got dressed and went out to breakfast. Just me, my book, the newspaper, and a charming breakfast spot. I ate leisurely and enjoyed every moment of solitude. Food never tasted so good.

Then I called my good friend who now lives in town. I have missed her terribly since she moved, and then we moved. We had plans to get together that day and hang out. I called her after breakfast and she told me her husband was out of town but that she hired a sitter so we could play. A grown-up playdate vs. our normal variety. Yay! I made my way over to her house and we chatted while she got ready and we waited for the sitter to arrive. We decided to spend our time doing sometime we both NEVER get much opportunity to do: pedicures. Once the sitter showed up we wasted no time beating it out of there and over to the nail shop. It was just one of those hole-in-the-wall kind of places where hardly anyone speaks English and they kind of rush you through, but to us it was perfect. We were able to get pedi-chairs right next to each other and kept right on chatting away while our nails and feet were being soaked, filed, scrubbed, buffed, massaged, and ultimately polished. Now my tootsies are sandal-worthy. It felt wonderful.

Afterward, we took our slightly squishy-feeling feet out to a late lunch. Again, I totally enjoyed eating a meal in a restaurant and having a conversation that wasn't constantly peppered with "sit down!" and "use your fork, please" and "no throwing".

I love my children dearly, but sometimes it's nice to be away from them. Sometimes you have to create some distance so you can appreciate being together again. When I checked in on them, my mom told me that Nicholas was missing me terribly and being very whiney. He's been unusually whiney for several weeks now, so I knew what she meant. She told me it's exhausting and that she's glad I'm getting this break. No kidding!! Sometimes it's extremely gratifying to be justified like that.

After my day with my girlfriend, I got dressed up and attended an all-firm dinner with Mr. Chick at a very nice restaurant. I was introduced to most everyone (not that I remember very many names - I'm terrible that way!) and was seated next to a founding partner of the law firm that was instrumental in Mr. Chick's hiring. A pleasant and powerful man. It was a nice but tiring evening of making small talk and managing first impressions.

We drove home the next morning (Sunday). It was a long, quiet drive as both Mr. Chick and I were decompressing from our weekend away. We were looking forward to getting home again and seeing the kids. Because as eager as you are to get away from them, you're twice as eager to see them again and soak up the love they slobber all over you.

Now it's back to the daily grind. But now I'm refreshed and ready to deal with it with composure and patience and not, as in the days before our getaway, with irritation and frustration. It's nice to be back.

That is so wonderful that you had the opportunity to do that. Mothers need to have a break once in a while, and I'm glad you got that. I think it's makes us better mothers. Your mother did a great thing for you and Mr.Chick.
I totally agree with formerteacher's comment.

Great that you got some time away!
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