Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Purple One

Like most of the country (world?) I watched the American Idol Finale last night. I couldn't help myself - I've been watching all season. It's my guilty pleasure. Nicholas knows it's "mama's show" - how sad is that? Anyway, I always find it amazing? annoying? that Fox can stretch a 1 minute annoucement - the result we're all waiting to hear - into 2 hours. 2 freaking hours! Of mostly bad and very cheesy numbers performed by top 10 contestants and odd pairings with has-been's. EXCEPT PRINCE, and Mary J. Blige. Everyone else? Whatever. Meatloaf? Completely random and not a little bit unnerving. Freaky Clay Aiken fan? Nauseating and a little sad. Clay Aiken himself? Scary. Chris and the Live lead singer looking like twins? Get over yourselves.

You know who impressed me? Other than Prince? (because I LOVED Prince back in the day, and since I still mostly live "back in the day", I think he kicks ass). Paris. Paris was good last night. For someone so young she's got huge talent. I hope she sticks with it.

Taylor won. I didn't really care who won, but felt it should have gone to Katharine. Affected and totally into herself Katharine. She's got more mass appeal for the long-haul than Taylor. I'm so over his schtick - Soul Patrol? Puh-leese! Enough already. I mean, he's very likable, but I predict he's very niche-y and will put out one album and then fade into obscurity like Ruben. But Katharine is a pop music dream come true. She's beautiful and can sing well. She's a good image for young girls in that the lady has curves a la Beyonce. And she's white. With curves. She's a better recorded artist and poster-image photography than Taylor, who's probably better live in concert than recorded. But whatever. Taylor will end up being successful singing in small, intimate clubs and Katharine has future scandal a la Britney. She's just ripe for it.

If last night could have been a Prince concert I'd have been all over that. Purple Rain (only my high school's colors were purple and white and we were dominating various sports at the time so we were all "Purple Reign" - ha) and I Would Die 4 U. "If I Was Your Girlfriend" - massive memories - all good. "Raspberry Beret" "When Doves Cry" "Diamonds and Pearls" and even the salacious "Little Nicky". Loved 'em all. The Purple One - he's a freak but it's real and I dig him. He's leaps and bounds above any American Idol. He's MY American Idol. Go Prince!

Yep don't remind me of those purple days i saw prince in concert twice.. once was the purple rain tour! i wore my purple suede boots tough choivce between those and my purple pumps.. icks the 80s
I saw Prince in concert once, with my dad, bahahaha. I like him and would listen to his music over and over if the folks around me would allow.

Jerri Ann
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