Monday, May 22, 2006

My Bad

As much as I'd like to, I can't get mad. I can't. I want to blame the kids, but it's not their fault. It's mine. You see, all they wanted was a bubble bath. Some fun in the tub. And when I had the nerve - nay, the gall, to check my email while the kids were happily splashing in the tub they decided that shampoo makes most excellent bubbles. And if the little bit of shampoo - like the amount Mama uses to wash our hair - makes a seemingly vast quantity of bubbles, just think of how many bubbles could be made if we used the entire bottle of shampoo?! The answer? A shitload.

Checking on the kids a few minutes later demonstrated to me that any unfortunate-but-creative incidents that happen when I should have been watching are, in fact, my fault. Mine, not theirs. So I can't be mad. I can only suggest that we no longer use entire contents of nearly-full shampoo bottles for future bubble baths, and then I need to keep my trap shut and try to enjoy the "washing" of the bathtub a la kid and massive amounts of giggles bubbling forth (pun completely intended). I literally had to turn the shower on to rinse the kids AND the tub after the bath there were so many foamy bubbles. They covered every inch of the kids and coated the glass tub enclosure doors (sidenote: I usually HATE glass doors enclosing tubs, but have come to appreciate their splash-preventing qualities since moving into this house, which has them.) At least everyone and everything smelled nice. Like blueberries (if the advertised fragrance of the shampoo is to be believed, that is.)

Just another parental mishap. Why don't you just call me Britney Spears and get it over with.

We've learned that lesson the hard way ourselves...sadly we've been forced to learn it several times!
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