Sunday, May 07, 2006

8 is Great!

It's not official until the 9th, but we went out last night to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. Just us, no kids. And despite Mr. Chick feeling a bit poorly and under-the-weather, it was fun to step out for awhile and have dinner together.

Tomorrow he starts his new job as an attorney (so I hope all the OTC drugs he's taking like candy work and he feels better for his big first day!), so it feels a little bit momentous. Like now the "next chapter" of our lives can truly begin. Graduation was the first step, moving was the next, and now starting work seals the deal and we're on our way.

The 7th year, while sounding very cliche, had it bumps. Itches, as it were. But 8 is great and things feel very, very solid and satisfying. I like that. I take strength from that. I take pride in that. I once told Mr. Chick that we needed to stay married for at least 28 years, since that was my age on our wedding day, and I'd like to be married/have my married name at least as long as I had my maiden name. So 8 down, 20 to go.

I think we'll get there.

Happy Anniversary and I hope your hubby enjoys his new job, indeed!
Happy Anniversary, you two love birds!
Happy Anniversary!

And thinking of Mr. Chick on his first day!
Happy Anniversary! I, too, shall be married 8 years this November.

Glad you had a date and what a way to begin your 9th year of marriage! Many Congrats on the getting settled.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! I wish you the best!!
Happy Anniversary MP and heres to 20 more and 20 more after that and then anoter 20.. get the drift?
can't believe its 8 already
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