Thursday, April 27, 2006


My kids LOVE the movie Bambi. Love it love it love it. Not even the part where Bambi's mother gets shot by Man freaks them out or scares them in any way. They know that The Great Prince Of The Forest (aka Bambi's dad) will protect him from then on, so no worries.

Remember that part in the movie when the spring comes? After the funny scenes of Bambi trying to walk on the frozen pond? When Friend Owl gets all annoyed because all the birds are chirping and singing and he says, all exasperated, "it's the same thing every spring!"

"What is?" asks naive and bewildered Thumper and Bambi

"Everyone gets all twitterpated! It will happen to you, too." says a knowing Friend Owl

Nicholas really likes that part. The twitterpated part. When we ask him if he's twitterpated, he says emphatically "No! Not until I'm a grown-up!"

Then last night, when I was tucking him into bed, he tells me, "Mama? I'm twitterpated about you."

:: insert goofy grin and melting heart here. I'm twitterpated about you, too, Nicholas ::

omg how adorable for sure! my favorite part of the night is when I turn off Walker's thomas the train tivo'd show and he wraps his arm around my neck when I bend down to tuck him in and kiss him, he hugs me hard and that's a great feat considering there's two baby dolls in the other arm, a paci in his mouth and a sippy of water on the side of the bed...but that tight hug gives me the energy to walk to my bed before I pass out.....
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