Saturday, April 01, 2006

Like A Warm Hug

Moving back here feels like walking into a warm hug. This week, despite all the drama surrounding the job situation (do we stay or do we go?? The Portland firm is back in play - possibly - and we're waiting to hear more from them while trying to negotiate some with Redmond and buy a little time. It never ends!) I have been embraced back home and it feels so good. Not only have my new neighbors welcomed us and made us feel even better about our location, but I've had two friends over for playdates and dinner, and went out with one of them just last night for cocktails and dessert. We've been invited over to another friends' house for dinner tonight, and Mr. Chick is out playing golf with a buddy. And my dad and sister dropped by with my living room furniture and my sister and I did a table swap (she wanted my smaller round table and I wanted her larger rectangular one that seats 6). It's just so cool to be able to see them on the fly like that. I love being back "home" and am falling into a nice groove already. Does it get better than that??

You know you live somewhere - really live there - when you have to clean it. And by that definition we have definitely christened this house our own. Just yesterday Lauren decided to do something new. She's not potty training yet, but she clearly understands the concept, as demonstrated when she emptied the contents of her diaper - the solid contents - onto the stairs and then tried to "fix" it by taking some upstairs to the toilet. Where she then peed on the bathroom floor and then tried to wipe the floor and herself. Lovely, no? While I'm glad that she's demonstrating her comprehension of how the whole process works, and I'm happy to see some problem solving skills, I just wish she would have actually SAT on the potty vs. depositing stuff after the deed was done. Having to clean turds off a carpet and cleaning the bathroom floor and toilet while guilty daughter soaks in the bathtub is a clear sign that you now live in the house. It's no longer new and pristine. Oh no - no longer shiny. So much for the fresh, new carpet staying that way.....

That part wasn't so much a warm hug, actually, but more like a slap. Oh well - with the good comes the bad!

Nice site you have here! Your daughter sounds quite independent. At least it makes for a good story.
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