Monday, April 17, 2006


Whew! It's done! It's finally, finally done. And only about 6 weeks or so AFTER my targeted due date of early March. The Aran sweater I started back in February for my sisters birthday survived the move and at long last I found the time to finish it.

This sweater is infused with all sorts of memories and emotions: the tension and thrill of the Winter Olympics as I spent many evenings working on the sweater while watching the athletes do their thing, and the stress of anxiety leading up to our move as I worked on the sweater to help me find some calm. The sweater is sort of an instrument of peace. I can't find the book that has the pattern for the sweater, which has been misplaced during the move, and had to finish it using what I had already completed as my guide. Not always the best way to go.... And then I discovered, to my horror, that I moved without making sure I had enough yarn to finish. I was one skein short, damnit. The pattern really sucks up a truckload of yarn. I had to call all around the Greater Portland area in ever-widening circles calling yarn shops looking for the yarn I needed to finish. A few stores stocked the brand (Plymouth Encore worsted weight), but didn't have the color. I finally found one store - way the hell out, of course - that had what I needed. But it was worth it, because the sweater got finished and came together beautifully. I really wanted to finish it by Easter so I could give it to my sister then (since I blew right past her actual birthday of March 9).

My sister is a little bigger than me, so it looks rather bulky and boxy on me, but when she tried it on it fit really well and looks great on her. Not so much on me, which had me worried, but all for naught. She looks beautiful in it, as I knew she would, and I hope she finds an occasion or two to actually wear it. Please pardon the terrible picture - I would have taken the advice of a helpful poster and taken a picture of the sweater outside, but it was pouring down rain on Saturday and there was no way to stage a photo shoot out in that monsoon. This will have to do.

Happy late birthday, Mo! You are a gorgeous Irish beauty and I wanted to make a rich Aran sweater to compliment you. It took longer to make, and used more yarn than I imagined, but it was worth it. YOU are worth it. Wear it well, dear sister. I loved making it for you.

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