Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Choices and Decisions

Good news! At long last, we have CHOICES of jobs. The Portland law firm, the one we thought was dead but then wasn't, came through with an offer!! OMG, this makes everything so much better! The salary is better than the Redmond firm, and the benefits are good. Quite good. There is even talk of such things as bonuses. We haven't seen such perks since law school began nearly 4 yrs ago. This feels REAL. Mr. Chick is likely going to accept this offer and start work as an honest-to-god attorney in about 30 days. But the real kicker is that we can stay in this house and don't have to move again. Can I get a HELL YEAH?!?!

I can finally start unpacking and getting settled in. As a nod to this nice, new, huge development I unpacked/unwrapped 2 wine glasses and we toasted to our good fortune. You know I think we're staying if I'm busting out the wine glasses. And, might I add, it's SOOO much nicer to drink wine out of wine glasses instead of pint glasses or coffee mugs, as we have been doing since moving in 10 days ago. That's just uncouth.

As weird as it sounds, the idea now of not going to Central Oregon feels strange. A loss, in a way. I'd been trying my damndest to build it up to be great to soften the blow when we ultimately had to pull the trigger and move there. And now, I'm sort of OK with the idea of living there and now NOT going is a little odd. I'm clearly a whack-job. What's wrong with me? I've been wanting to stay here since we started looking for a house, so this is what I want. And it really is. But at the same time I know have to "give up" the Central Oregon fantasy? Illusion? Propaganda? I'd created for myself. I'm sure it won't take long to get over myself and get good and happy I'm staying put. Maybe after clearing out a few boxes it'll feel real.

So that's our big, huge, exciting, monumental development. Let the Next Chapter begin. Hooray!!

It's wonderful when you have choices when it comes to jobs. Hope you enjoy staying put! I'd love to stay put in one place for a while...
I'm so happy everything seemed to work out perfect for you! Welcome to your new home!
This is fantastic news! Even better than the warm hug, you get to stay near family and friends and experience those warm hugs on a regular basis! And that beautiful house - wow! God is good.

Enjoy making the house your home.

Many many blessings!
Congrats! :) I am so happy to hear everything is working out for you guys. :)

GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Being near family and friends is just amazing!


Congratulations!!! That is so wonderful that the Portland firm ended up giving your husband an offer after all! Isn't it funny how things work out? Your neighborhood sounds like a dream, too. Plus, family is close by. Wow! You're going to love it! Cheers!!!
Woohoooooooooooooo!!!!!! I am so glad that things have fallen into place just like you wanted. Yay! Enjoy the house, your family and friends, and a great job for Mr. Chick. You all have worked hard for this. You deserve to be happy.

I'm doing a Snoopy happy dance for you!
That sounds absolutely awesome! Congrats and keep clinnking those glasses in joy!

Jerri Ann
Fantastic news and now you can REALLY unpack!!!
Congrats to Mr. Chick on his wonderful new job and to you for getting to stay put!!
MP - I am THRILLED for you.....How awesome is this? And yes, the HOUSE you get to keep the cool house, with the wonderful neighbors, and YOUR FAMILY!!! So many dreams coming true!!! MP, I'm thrilled for you!!!


And, how the heck did that company string you along so much??? What's the story, did I miss it? They told you no, then yes?

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