Saturday, April 29, 2006

Celebrity Hairstylist He's Not

If my daughter hadn't ruined the media card in my digital camera I could show you the picture. But she did, so I can't. And it's oh-so-worth seeing! You see, yesterday Nicholas - the budding young hairstylist he fancies himself becoming - took it upon himself to give Lauren a haircut. With child safety scissors. Let's just say he needs more training in the art of hairstyling and/or better tools.

I had put Lauren's hair into darling pigtails yesterday. She looked very, very cute at the start of the day. So later when I noticed that one pigtail was now shorter than the other one, I suspected foul play. Further investigation revealed that not only had Nicholas worked his unique safety scissor magic on one of her pigtails, he'd done some serious work on her bangs, too. Her bangs, people! A place you simply cannot hide damage completely.

I took out her pigtails to inspect the aftermath of Project Haircut and chunks of long, full-length hair were falling off Lauren's head. I nearly cried. I had to trim her hair all the way around and had to take off about 1.5 inches of length to even it back out. To make the pigtails the same length again. And then the bangs. Oh, those sad, sorry bangs. Nicholas cut a section, right in the middle, much much shorter than bangs should ever be. All jagged and choppy. I mean, how precise can you be when you're working with child safety scissors?? But the piece du resistance is the section of hair - opposite her natural part - where he just cut a chunk off at the root. THE ROOT! Do you know how long it's going to take to grow back?? Granted, it's bangs so they're shorter than the rest of her hair, but we're talking months of painful (visually speaking) grow-back. Months of it looking strange and wonky. Sure, Lauren doesn't seem to care, but I DO. Can you picture this? An uber-short middle section with longer bangs flanking it (I did my best to try to blend this all together, but you just can't make it even all the way. You just can't), and an area off to the side where there is now a small bald spot. Pretty!

I knew this would happen someday. I did. It always makes me chuckle when I'd hear stories (or see evidence) of a child doing this. It's inevitable, right? I remember getting so frustrated with my bangs - a small section of bangs off to the side - one morning before school that I did what Nicholas did to Lauren: cut it off at the root. Simply eliminated the problem. Period end of sentance. And my bangs did look better.... for that day. But I'm not quite ready to laugh about this episode - yet. I'll get there. It's just that we're having our big housewarming BBQ this afternoon - 30+ people - and I was hoping that the kids would look nice for the event (some of our friends haven't seen the kids in a long, long time). And with her new 'do Lauren isn't quite at the height of her cuteness factor anymore. She looks like a chubby little rascal (super-short bangs have a way of making an already round baby face even more round and chubby looking). She looks funny-cute, not classic cute.

Oh well, it'll make for a good story today and on into family lore.

Oh no! Sorry for the mishap MP! Nicholas needs one of those Barbie styling heads to practice his craft on :-) Wonky hair is one of those things that drive me crazy with my own kiddos so I can feel your "pain". Of course, you have to post a pic.

Oh,NO! Kids always do this at the worst times, don't they? I cut my hair twice, once at age three, I cut it right before Christmas! MY mother was mortified, and whenever I see those pictures I think rightly so. I hope my two boys don't do this, but I'm not betting on it!
Someday you will laugh; it'll just be a while!
When I was about 9, my sisters did each other's hair.. They were about 3-4 yrs old. It was about an hour before our family pictures too. They look interesting. I had never seen my mom so mad she cried. Oh how she cried.
My youngest sister and her friend played hairdresser. My sister had long white blonde curls. Her friend cut it too the scalp all over! My little sister looked like a boy and her hair was shorter than my little brohter!
Oh no! Having recently been through this myself I can completely feel your pain. My little boy got hold of the Mommy scissors right before Christmas and cut my daughters hair. Down to the scalp in lots of places and an inch or so everywhere else. There was no fixing it - we had to shave her head. We are four months in to growing it back now and it's been so SLOW! She now has a "pixie" which is ok - at least she is starting to resemble a girl again (if dressed in pink). People keep telling me I'll laugh about this some day - yeah... I'm not laughing yet.
Oooooh no! I feel so bad for you. Of course those things happen before important events lol. What did Nicholas say was the reason? Does he feel bad? Is he still alive? LOL. Isn't it ironic that your previous post was just so precious about Nicholas. Reality bites. :-D
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