Thursday, April 06, 2006


That's what the electronic sign thingamajig said my speed was when I went for a run this morning. 6 mph. I don't know if I should be impressed that I was running fast enough for the electronic speed radar to actually clock me (the speed kept changing between my lowly 6 and the 29 of the car coming up behind me), or depressed because I'm only running 10 minute miles. That's fairly pathetic. I've never been a speed demon - far from it. But in the past I can usually muster running in the high 8 min. miles or low 9's. 10 is the high end of slow for me. But that's what I was technically clocked at this morning.

I guess I only need to worry about getting a ticket on that stretch of road near the school in my car (I tend to be a lead foot, especially when school is obviously out at, like, 9:30pm but the zone is 20 mph at all times and they permanently installed the electronic radar to announce your speed to the world so you'll slow down) and not one when going on my morning run.

Clearly I'm another kind of lead foot in that capacity.

6 mpg, bahahaha, you are too cute...I'm waiting on the next installment of "to move...not to move"

Jerri Ann
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