Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Vegas, Baby!

A tale of two weekends:

This is where Mr. Chick is. Hanging with some pals, boozin' a little, gamblin' a little, R&R a LOT. Did I mention there is a go-go dancer convention happening at the hotel they're staying at. Yeeahh - there is. Nice.

And this is me while he's gone. Only add some boxes in which to pack, some paint cans, and much scuzzier clothes. And a 2nd kid. That's me. Wanna trade places?

I'm actually excited for Mr. Chick. He's looonggg overdue some down time and fun with his friends. None of his friends live where we do (well, where we live for the next 10 days, that is). All his law school buddies have moved on. We're the last to go. I have friends here, but he doesn't. So it's not often he get to just hang out and shoot the shit with the guys. Do guy stuff. And so I'm supportive of the trip. It's been planned a long time and is becoming an annual thing. I even got him a new leather cigar case for the occasion. I'm nice like that (and still feeling a twinge of guilt over the whole obligatory sex comment. Yeah, I really blew it there. Oops.) So I'm about to rush off to swimming lessons, having driven down from Portland this afternoon. I get to pack up a few more boxes tonight after the kids are asleep. Nicholas has school tomorrow, during which I must buy paint. Then pack another box. Pick him up from school, hope (threaten?) that the kids don't UNpack any boxes, and clean the house for the landlords/new buyers, who have asked to come to the house AGAIN while we're not there in order to measure for new carpet. I simply cannot leave the house in the current disaster state it's in if people will be here [shudder]. And so I must clean. And organize. And make things look nice and presentable. And oh yeah, do it ALL BY MYSELF.

"A little less conversation, a little more action, Baby. All this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me." Never before have those lyrics been more spot-on for how I'll be for the next few days.

Give me strength.

You are such a great wife! (I can't let my husband read this post or he's going to think that HE gets to go to Vegas too:)
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