Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Purpose Of Nipples

To help me find some humor in my day - a day that's been filled with ROTTEN thoughts (see post below) - I thought I'd share a funny from Nicholas.

Announced to me in the hottub after swimming lesson last night:
"Mama, when I grow up and have babies and become a daddy, I don't have to buy them food. They can just drink the milk from these."
said as he was pinching his own nipple with both hands and pulling it out as far as it would go.

I almost peed my pants laughing!

And through my giggles and chortles I had to explain to him that only MOMMIES are able to feed babies milk from nipples, not daddies. He looked slightly disappointed for a minute, and then perked up and said, proving he understood the difference, "so, then, Lauren will be able to feed my babies!" Uh-huh, sure Nicholas. I'm sure Lauren will love the opportunity to be a wet-nurse to your children. But then again, maybe they'll be his children, too, because he claims that he's going to marry Lauren someday. It's usually a tie between the 2 neighbor girls and his sister for current marriage partners under consideration.

Oh the innocence of children - !

When Tess was first born Sam would always try and nurse his bunny. I told him he was a silly goose since only girls could make mama milk. He looked at me in all earnestness and said, "that's OK because I make cow's milk."
my neighbors kid was wondering why I was letting the baby "play" with mine. SHe wanted to play too because it looked fun. She is 3

Thinking of you with all the new house stuff hon :(
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