Friday, March 24, 2006

More Changes Ahead

Just when you think you have a vision of your future, something happens to change it. Mr. Chick did NOT get the job in Portland (bastards!). And he's not wild about the still-pending opportunity in Salem. But he DID get the job in Redmond (ugly step-sister town to Bend). And it's a really, really good opportunity. So after much talking (and crying on my part) last night, we've decided to take the job there. Which means our move tomorrow is only temporary - we'll be flipping around and moving again as quickly as possible. How soon is that? I'm not sure yet. A month, 2 months. I'm going to try not to unpack very much and live like we're camping. Which sucks.

It's hard for me to make this adjustment. I was SO EXCITED about the house we bought and the area into which we were going. It felt like a warm hug. Close to good friends, family, schools, the city I love so much. And now I have to turn my back on that and re-focus on a place I'm just not that excited about. I'll GET excited, but right now it's hard. Especially because I hate moving and will now have to do it twice. It could be a lot worse, though. I already have a few friends near where we're going. I won't be a complete stranger. It's a booming, booming area with lots and lots of potential and opportunity. And it's only about 2.5 hrs from Portland, just a bit more than we have been for the past 3.5 yrs. I know it's possible to stay connected with people from that distance because I've already been doing it. I can just keep doing it. I just didn't want to have to is all.

We're not sure yet what we're going to do about the house we just bought. We might try to flip it and sell it FSBO and hope we break even (especially with all this dry rot repair creating a large expense for us), or maybe we can try to rent it and just rent a place in Redmond, where the rents have remained quite low relative to home prices. And Mr. Chick's salary is low to start, so keeping our costs contained might be a good idea. We have a lot to think about. We haven't even told our families of our decision yet. Hell, we haven't even told the FIRM that he's accepting the offer. I'm sure everyone will be very supportive and excited for us - it's quite an adventure we're embarking on.

I have to believe it's happened this way for a reason. It's meant to be. I just need to catch up with what's happening and get through the first of two moves. I wish we didn't have to move into the new house at all - it'll make it that much harder for me to leave it. That's bumming me out. I just have to look at it like an extended spring break where we're house sitting or something. Like it's not mine.

We're disconnecting our internet later today. We won't have new internet until sometime next week. I'll be back as soon as I can. Time to finish packing - round 1.

Oh MP, what a hassle! I'm sorry you can't at least live in the cool, nearby town.

Best of luck with the rot and bugs--hopefully future owners will appreciate your efforts and pay you handsomely for it!
I'm so sorry, MP! It is so hard to move so often. I've done it and it bites. Maybe while you are in the house he can look for another job there? Just a thought. Also, maybe the previous lookers on this house had noticed or known something was wrong with it and you making the improvements the right way will work in your favor and you can increase your selling price. I would up the price and have pics ready to prove the work. I think any buyer will appreciate the work and be damn thankful they didn't have to do it.

I do hope that things work out well for you all. It has to!

Sending you hugs,
Oh hon, my thoughts and prayers are with you right now.

You are very graceful about it all, all things considered, I admire that tremendously.

Much love to you AND Mr. Chick (and the kiddos to of course!)~
This just BITES a big one. I'm sorry.
Oh man. I'm so sorry. That just sucks. Good luck packing. :S
thinking of you
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