Friday, March 10, 2006

Kid Nirvana

My calendar says it's March 10th. Less than 2 weeks until Spring is official. The sun has been shining, trees are blossoming, and daffodils have made their appearance all over town. It's been lovely.

But this morning we wake up to this:

Spring daffodil meets Old Man Winter. It SNOWED last night. All the way down to the valley floor, which happens, but not often.

My neighbor planted these just a few days ago... Who knows if they'll survive. It's supposed to snow again later today. We've only gotten a dusting of snow so far - less than an inch - and it's really not even that cold outside. Not really. Not compared to other places. And yet the schools in our city have SHUT DOWN for the day. Not even a 2-hr delay. They cancelled school altogether. Say it with me: WTF?! For this? No ice, and maybe 1/2 inch of snow at best. Most of which has already melted by 9:30am. I think everyone just wanted a day off, if you ask me. But the kids have been LOVING it!

Lauren gets a push from a friend. See how the streets are just about clear in this picture? This was 8:30am. Yeah, good thing school was cancelled or *I* would have had to push Lauren instead of the neighbor kid. My back thanks the school district.

Nicholas gets a ride, too.

Nicholas takes a break from a wicked snowball fight. Note the hodge-podge snow clothes. We're woefully underprepared for it since it's such a rarity.

Lauren had enough of the snow. She's perfected the pretty pout. This had my neighbor in stitches watching her. Yes, those are galoshes on her feet and there aren't shoes on underneath, just a few layers of socks, and cotton ones at that. Like I said, we're woefully underprepared for snow. Her boots had been left outside and were soaking, so we improvised. This worked well enough for the hour or so we played in the snow. Before the pout.

How's YOUR day?

It's nice to see someone enjoy snow. I live in Ohio and honestly can't stand winter lol. Right now we are dealing with day 4 of rain and the forecast calls for at least 6 more days of rain. It really sounds like you and I switched worlds, doesn't it? And what could make my world today even better?....waking up to a fever and bronchitis. Ugh.

How's the new house repairs coming? Are you on target for closing? Are you done packing yet? lmbo
We had slushy snow this afternoon. Accompanied by thunderstorms. Never had that combination before!!

Hopefully warm(er) weather is on the way...
I'm a bit north of you near Olympia, WA and yeah, this weather is wacky. Yesterday we had sun, rain, snow, sleet, wind and I thought I heard some thunder. PLEASE LET SUMMER COME NOW!

Last night we had some crazy spring weather, I was up all night with tornado warnings and sirens, hopefully tonight it will be alot more calm!

Love the pics as always!

Lucky you! I love the snow and we never get it in Alabama. Well... maybe once every 10 years or something.

Anyway, I really think you should apply for the clubmom blog gig. They actually PAY you to blog! I think you'd have a good shot--your blog is original, funny and fun to read. You're one of my favorites! Here's the link.

Good luck!
Robin (former IParenting writer)
Ok, here's that site's url again:

I hope you get it!

Ok, for some reason it's not letting the entire address show. The end of the address should be 2006/03/wanted_mom_blog.html

I hope it works this time!

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