Monday, March 06, 2006

Getting Old Sucks

I'm not a hugely vain person. Really, I'm not. I like to look nice (mostly), but I don't put myself through the arduous "get ready" process that I used to back in high school. Those were long mornings getting ready for school, and long evenings spent "closing up shop" before bed. Oh how I would carefully select the right facial scrub that could remove my make-up (which I wore daily back in the day) but not aggravate any acne flare-ups. I didn't want my skin overly dry, but too much moisture was rather icky as well. I sought a very delicate balance where skin was concerned. I would pour over my pores and scruntinize my "wrinkles".

My hair, too, was a big job. I washed my hair everyday, which meant I blow-dried everyday, too. And used a curling iron. And lots of hair styling products. Oh yes, hair was big business and very, very time consuming. But worth it, right? I mean, I'm a girl and it's my job to look my best. And looking my best means investing mega-amounts of time on my appearance.

And then I had kids. And everything changed. Thankfully, having kids coincided with turning 30, so I got a double-shot of life-change. It no longer mattered as much to me about how well turned out I was each day. It usually boiled down to how bad did I stink and could I wear a baseball cap again today? Makeup? Ha! What's the point? And you know what? I started to evolve and re-define what "looking my best" really was. Where I used to think I looked utterly horrendous without makeup, now I think being "au naturel" makes me look younger (mostly) and wearing makeup makes me look older. At least, wearing as much make-up as I used to. A little neutral eyeshadow, some mascara, and powder is PLENTY for me these days, if that. Where I used to not be caught dead without lipstick, now I just wear chapstick. I don't wash my hair everyday, and my hair is healthier for it. I can be ready to walk out of the house, not at all embarrassed about my appearance, in about 5 minutes. From getting out of bed. And that happens. Frequently. So long to spending 1 hr+ getting ready each and every morning. What a waste of time!

But lately I'm noticing a few things that are making me do double-takes when I look in the mirror. Little signs of aging that, frankly, aren't that attractive. I doubt I would submit to plastic surgery purely to feed my vanity, but I'm finding it hard to accept these little things as gracefully as I'd like. My old vanity is creeping back into the picture. Just a little. And it's surprising me. Just a little.

To help me with my feelings of "blah" (see "I'm Tired" post) I went to get my hair trimmed over the weekend. Nothing drastic, just a trim to keep the ends in shape. I've known I've had some grey hair for a few years now, but now it seems that I have more and more greys than ever before. More than I'm comfortable with. I recently discovered a nice little patch of greys behind my ear. I don't notice it when I wear my hair down, but more and more I've been wearing it up and you can't miss it when it's up. When did those arrive on the scene?? And ewww! My grey hair is mostly scattered on the top, in and around my part. Regardless of if I part my hair on the right or left, there are greys. I've colored my hair from time to time over the years, mostly because my normal color is, well, flat and drab. So I punch it up a little. I don't change my color, but I enhance it. Sometimes. But now I need to color it to hide the greys. I paid for highlights at the salon - just on the top - in a color to match my natural - to hide the greys. And you know what? Even after that you can STILL see plenty of the little buggers. I'm so screwed. I'm only 36 - isn't that too young to have so many greys??

And then the WORST. I made a new discovery today that has me cringing. It's time for me to go the GYN for my annual check-up, so did a little trimming of my bits
. You know. And that's when I saw it: a grey hair. Down there! I did the biggest double-take you can imagine. WTF??! My own inner dialogue was sputtering, "whaatt?? when did - ?? WHY!! NOOO!" and mostly, "eewwww!" Isn't it pretty much granny's who have grey in their nether regions? It's certainly not vibrant women in the prime of their lives - is it? It's not ME - is it? And yet, it is. There is no denying it. I have a grey pube. And deepening laugh lines. And skin whose elasticity is starting to be a bit less elastic. What's next? Plucking hair from my ears?

Just another reason why getting old sucks.

Hey, don't feel bad MP! I got my first gray hairs in college. I highlight my hair regularly, so it's not that big of a deal.

My nether regions, however, are of great concern. I'm about 10 hairs away from looking like Cruella DeVille. No joke. And I'm only 27.

I'm with you on the makeup and hair thing. I'm embarassed to admit that when I was first in the hospital with Brody, I'd put makeup on. How ridiculous is that? After a few weeks, I gave up. No one even noticed. Now most days I just pencil in my eyebrows and put on a little mascara. No biggie. Same with hair... I'm all about the ponytail.

Honestly, MP, I think you're gorgeous! A MILF for sure. ;)
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