Thursday, March 09, 2006

Even The Dog Was Disturbed

Just now I was enjoying a rare, precious moment with Lauren. She had been napping and woke up crying, as kids sometimes do, and I went in to comfort her. She clung to me, clutching her blanket, and buried her face in my neck. She said she wanted some milk, so I filled her cup and we went and sat on the couch. I cuddled her like I used to when she was an infant as she drank her milk and stroked her own face with the special corner of her blankie. Her eyelids started drooping and the slurping sounds from the cup got a little more pronounced and sloppy. Before I knew it, she was sleeping in my arms. That doesn't happen very much anymore, and I liked it. I shifted her so she was lying on my chest vs. the crook of my arm because damn! she's heavy. We sat like that for awhile - her sleeping peacefully and me just gazing at her admiringly. I was consciously thinking how precious this time was, and even thinking about the entry I'd write about it here. How sweet it was to hold my baby girl in my arms like that as she slept. About how I couldn't help but smile as she would softly shift in her sleep and stretch just a bit, and her limbs would have that semi-shake to them when she did. You know that shaky stretch? She did that.

And then she let out the biggest fart EVER. Really ripped one. Even our sleeping dog across the room was disturbed by the shock wave that emanated out from Lauren's butt. But my daughter remained blissfully asleep with a tiny, satisfied smile on her face, and all was right with the world. She didn't even wake up from the heaving of my chest created by all my surpressed giggles. That's my girl!


You must be so proud.

Gross as it is, my dad taught my sisters & I how to make our farts as loud as possible. That's love.
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