Saturday, February 11, 2006

Please Oh Please - !

Finally, a glimmer of hope on the job search for Mr. Chick. He got a phone call yesterday afternoon from a partner in a firm with whom he interviewed last summer. LAST SUMMER! Mr. Chick liked them and they liked him, but they offered the job to a candidate with 10 years of legal experience. Too bad, so sad for Mr. Chick. But Mr. Chick is saavy and knew there was a connection between him and the hiring guy and has kept in touch with him over the months. E-mailing him when he passed the Bar, for example. Well, this guy has been telling Mr. Chick that they really like him and would love to hire him once they determine their needs for the coming year. It's been like an annoying broken record: We like you, we want to hire you, but we don't need you - yet. Maybe later. Well, turns out "later" is now "today" and they called him. Not to offer him a job just yet, but to let him know that they have a need and the guy has been championing him internally. He's definitely in Mr. Chick's corner and wants him for the job. They want to bring him back in to talk to everyone - again. (he already spoke with pretty much everyone during his first interview months ago, but whatever.) They want him prepared to bring in business to the firm. That's the bottom line - they want to be reassured that he can and will bring in business. They like his network and they want to know that he can tap into it to their benefit. Isn't that always the bottom line? Money?

And so we wait, very impatiently, for them to let him know when he's to go back and speak with them about the job. It feels like it's his to lose at this point, but we don't know that for sure. Please oh please let this result in a job offer!! It's a perfect fit and is what we've been waiting for.

And please don't make us wait an eternity longer than we already have. Is that too much to ask?

Pulling for you!!!

~ Kelly
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