Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Pantymeister

Mr. Chick has a thing for panties. Not everyone's underwear, mind you. Just mine. He likes to know which panties I wear each day. And I don't mind telling (or showing!) him. Personally, I'm not too interested in panties. They're a functional piece of clothing that really, no one else but you ever really see, and even then, only when you snatch a few moments in the bathroom. It's not like I often parade around my house wearing only my underwear. I'm sure Mr. Chick would like that, but frankly, I'm just not into being cold in my own house. Plus, I think my figure is most flattered when I'm wearing clothes, and underwear doesn't really count as "clothes" in my book.

In the past few years I've taken a shine, to my own surprise, to wearing thong underwear. I know! I never thought I'd actually prefer a thong to say, something with full-coverage. Most of my life I've been a full-coverage kind of girl. But then the fashions went and got snugger (or did I just get fatter? Hmmm, hard to tell some days) and I became much more aware of my body. A side benefit of aging, I guess. So for certain types of jeans and "wedding clothes" (aka dresses you wear to weddings) I would don a thong. But then, I realized just how beneficial the thong really was. If you could find the right kind of thong it's almost like you didn't feel it all snug up in your butt. Really! Stuff with lacy edgings? Forget it - waaayyy too itchy. Must have super-soft fabric if you're considering a thong.

As an outcropping of my new-found appreciation of the thong, much to Mr. Chick's delight, he's started buying me underwear. For birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's - you name it. I get some new underwear. Which is cool, only he cares wwaaayyy more about the underwear I have and wear than I do. So I wear the stuff he gives me for HIM moreso than for myself. I guess it's just the kind of giving wife I am ::grin:: As you can imagine, I received a box with new thongs in it for Valentine's Day last week. Very thoughtful of him and all that. He tends to order from - which appeals to me much more than other retailers for some reason. More practical, maybe, than something from Fredericks, which would most likely be utterly useless. I'm just sayin' - (for my birthday I got a bra/panty set from him from Fredericks of Hollywood and the bra is so padded that I can rest my chin on my cleavage. ew!)

So anyway, I received a couple of thongs and one was "super-low" styling. Meaning, it barely covers your crack in back and just edges over the fur-line in front. He says they're for me to wear with my low-rise jeans. Uh-huh - because *I* wear jeans that hit that low. Sure. But whatever - they'll be added to my growing inventory and put in rotation. Another style he gave me was called "Brazilian", and I immediately think of Brazilian Wax and the potential requirement to be nearly hairless to wear these panties. With trepidation I try them on, and thankfully my fears were groundless. You don't have to be pre-pubescent to wear them. BUT, you do have to have a good butt to pull the style off well. I have plenty of curves and lots of junk in my trunk, but my ass has never been one of my best features. These panties are somewhere between full-coverage and thong. They hit right in the middle. In other words, they're what I call "a thick thong" because they end up riding right up your butt anyway. And they have strings on the sides connecting the two triangles of fabric. I'm not horribly overweight, but I look best in underwear that's a little wider on the sides than floss. It tends to cut into your hips and emphasizes any chunkiness vs. offering a slimming look. So the Brazilian style is O-U-T for me.

And then today Mr. Chick gives me ANOTHER box of underwear for no reason other than he thinks it's fun to buy ladies panties and likes picking out pretty underwear for me. What a guy. And wouldn't you know it? 2 of the 4 pairs are Brazilian. They're going back - I'm not even trying them on. The other two sheer thongs? Nice, and I'm keeping them. But no-go on the Thick Thongs - no thank you. I swear, in our next house we're going to have to build a special dresser or something for me to store all this underwear!

And speaking of under-garments, I went out to a specialty "foundations" store last week in order to be properly fitted for a new bra. Like panties, to me a bra is purely functional. It exists to provide support to the boobs and make tops/shirts look good. Like most women, I appreciate wearing a pretty bra, but I have found that there exists a disconnect between "pretty" and "smooth silhouette". I tend to favor bras that provide a smoothness to them so one can't detect seams, lace or other "decorations" underneath tops. T-shirt bras, I think they're called. And with stuff fitting tighter it's even more important. Lacy bras, while pretty to look at, make my breasts a tad more "pointy" in silhouette because of the seam that runs diagonally across the nipple. I'm not down with cone boobs. And so I gravitate towards plain-jane bras. Simple underwire with slight even padding (I do NOT need added "wonder" in my bra) in a basic color so it won't show up under light-colored tops. I know, boring, but yet practical. I have a few dressy/lacy/fancy bras that end up collecting dust at the back of my drawer because they're just not for daily wear, and like with panties, I don't just parade around in them at home because they're pretty. They're nice (and even important) to have "just in case", but I find them somewhat impractical. And for as much as bras cost - ! Give me something I can wear in my daily life.

I was down to one (1!) bra that fit those parameters. I'm a sad, sad woman. Plenty of panties, but only one practical bra. I wore the same bra nearly everyday. And so I was long overdue another one. I wanted to be sure my size was correct and wanted the assistance of a professional. Oprah taught me the importance of a good-fitting bra. I went in thinking I was a 36D and guess what? I'm a 36D. So much for needing expert fitting. But it was nice to know that I was on the right track and the girls were being properly supported. I tried on a bunch of bras (with my audience of two firmly in tow - how lovely), and walked away with a plain beige t-shirt bra. No frills - just the right level of support and smoothness and padding. And for that I paid $32. Highway robbery! But at least now I have a bra to wear when the other one is in the laundry. I was told to NOT put my bra in the dryer - which I already knew - but when you only HAVE ONE BRA to begin with you need to wash and dry your bra in the shortest amount of time. But no more! Now I have two bras - what a relief. Oprah would be proud. And Mr. Chick is happy. Pretty va-va-va-voom thongs on the bottom, boring bra on top. Check. I'm all set. What more does a girl need?

It's nice to know that there may be a style of thong that might appeal to me. I haven't found one yet that doesn't make me feel like I have a permanent wedgy. Ugh. I agree on the lacy topic though. Very itchy. And I totally agree with the importance of a smooth surface when it comes to bras and what they make our shirts look like. I have found a couple of VS bras that I really like and still "sexy". At least sexier than I used to wear lol. They are the "Very Sexy" line. Satin with underwire (I'm a 36C so also need support). But they have a little bead detail dangling from the fabric between the breasts. Very close to the skin so it won't show in shirts. The cup is very smooth so I can feel and look sexy underneath and no one but me knows. I even bought it in hot pink which I can wear with it being cold and wearing darker clothing. Once spring and summer come, I'll have to buy a lighter color or white or beige but it'll still be satin and sexy. I just recently started wearing bikinis and sexier bras instead of the grannie kind so they wouldn't show in the lower rise jeans. It shames me to say this now but I didn't feel right or comfortable wearing anything sexy after Alaina came along. She's 9 1/2 now and I finally "got my groove back" so to speak and feel good enough to remember that I am a woman and it's ok to be sexy. I hope I am not giving TMI here. But honestly, I finally have hit that "peak" that "they" talk about and feel like my old self again. I am a woman and it's ok to dress like one and feel like one. Just because I have a child doesn't mean that I have to forget "me".

Can anyone reading this relate? Or did I just embarass myself so bad that I'll have to post as anonymous forevermore. {blush}
That's great that Mr. Chick is in to buying you lingerie! Brent would surely die of embarrassment upon his foot crossing the threshold of Victoria's Secret.
I'm a long time thong wearer myself and wanted to tell you that the Frederick's cotton thongs are REALLY comfortable. I haven't shopped there in a long time but I have some from years ago that have held up remarkably well. The ones that haven't I've saved as "workout" underwear, they're *that* good. Just a tip! :)

Here's a link (cheap too!):
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