Monday, February 06, 2006

On the Hook

Or more aptly titled, "Glutton For Punishment". I *just* finish a grueling baby blanket (tough for the endless repetition of the same stitch without any variation whatsoever), and I decide to embark on another crochet project: an Aran sweater.

I've always wanted to try to make one of these. The intricate stitches have always had a strange fascination for me. The crochet book I bought for myself at Christmas had a pattern for one, so I started it yesterday. I "reclaimed" a bunch of heather grey yarn, just right for this sweater, from a vest I'd made for Mr. Chick. I made it as a gift for him early in my crochet days, and while I give myself an "A" for effort, we both know he was never going to wear it. Ever. Better to reuse the yarn elsewhere than let it rot in his closet. He didn't mind at all that I unravelled his sweater and bid adieu to the gift I'd given him. My sister Maureen is having a birthday in about a month and I thought the yarn could be put to better use making this Aran sweater for her. My only fear/concern is that I won't finish in time. Hence the subtitle - I must thrive on punishment for taking this on.

It's hard to see the detail given the yarn color, but it's turning out nicely. What you see in the picture is just what I'd done during the morning. I've done about 3x that now - mostly during the SuperBowl (sorry, Seahawks - you were robbed). You can see from the picture next to the swatch what it *will* look like when I'm done, albeit longer. A short-length sweater just isn't the right look for my sister. So I'll make it a few inches longer and prevent any tummy viewing, because that just wouldn't be pretty. Plus, I want her to actually WEAR the sweater, and if it's short like that she simply would not. And really, neither would I. I need my tops to overlap my waistband just a bit. I'm working hard on ridding myself of my tummy flab a la pregnancies, but it's slow going and I just don't want to offend the viewing public. You can thank me later.

Maybe keeping my hands/brain occupied with this complicated project will help me not obsess about finding the perfect house. Maybe not.

Delurking to say I loved that baby blanket you made. I read a lot of knitting blogs and I just wanted to suggest to you that you photograph your work outside. It makes it easier to see the detail. I know you live in a rainy place so this may be easier said than done. That sweater looks really cool, btw.
I couldnt of said it better myself...WE WERE ROBBED! Heehee, Love the sweater. I am still making crochet "worms". Im pretty sure its just not my thing.
You rock at it though.
Now, unfortunately, you know how we felt in Cincinnati when Kimo tried to end Palmer's career and the refs were padding their pockets with the cash they were being paid by the Pitts. In the Cinci game, TJ Houshmenzadeh (I know I am not even coming close to spelling his name right. Truly sorry but I love this man anyway lol) was being mugged by the Pitts and calls were never made. I said so many bad things during that game that before last night's game, Alaina said she was leaving the room so she wouldn't hear all the things I would say (shock! I hadn't realized I was that bad!). I really really hope that next year Seattle can come back and get thier title. Only, of course, if Cincinnati doesn't get it lol.

I love the sweater, btw. It's going to be beautiful! I wish I had that talent. Not to be, I'm afraid.
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