Wednesday, February 22, 2006


We got the house. They countered with a number that, while technically lower than the asking price, was higher than we were hoping it would be. $2500 higher. But - BUT - it's not worth quibbling over $2500 and we accepted the offer. WooHoo! We feel good because we got the house for less than asking (even if it IS only a measly $1500 less), and I'm sure the sellers are happy to have an offer that's essentially full price with a quick turn-around. So now the mad rush to schedule the inspection gets under way. We only have 7 days to get the house inspected vs. the standard 10 (another element of the counter-offer). Eventually, Mr. Chick will get to see the house he's dropping a fat wad of money to buy.

I'm so excited and relieved!! This is our long-term house, barring any unforseen relocations. It's not another starter/interim house. It feels like home. I just hope that the inspection reveals a clean house and nothing ugly just under the surface that would be a deal-breaker. Please please please let it all work out.

And as an added big fat bonus to my day: Mr. Chick is being asked back for what we believe to be a final interview for an attorney position. It's all coming together for us - can you feel it??

MP, what GREAT news! The house is absolutely gorgeous. I am pea green with envy!

Can't wait to see more pictures!!

PS- The master bathroom shower sounds wicked! :)
WOW!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!

It is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats MP! :)
How wonderful! Many congrats!!
It looks like a really great house. CONGRATULATIONS and Enjoy! :)
Congratulations on both the house and the interview! Happy packing!!
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