Friday, January 27, 2006

Mad Rush To Finish

Sorry for the absence. It's not entirely like me to be away from my beloved blog for too long. I've been spending all my free time in a mad rush to finish the baby blanket I was crocheting for a friend whose shower is tomorrow. And after many, many of intensive hours of crafting labor, it's DONE! Whew! I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. The yarn is very, very soft to the touch (important for use with a baby, don't you think?) and machine washable (very important for use with a baby!). The ribbon along the edge is hand-dyed silk, yet sworn up and down to be colorfast. It had better be or there will be hell to pay.

The parents-to-be have more willpower than I - they have the gender of the baby IN THEIR POSSESSION in a tightly sealed several-times-over envelope, and haven't peeked. I couldn't do that. I either know outright, or have no possible way to find out. The lure, the temptation, of that juicy little fact being in my home would be far too much for me. As a result of this impressive display of restraint, the nursery is being done in pale shades of green and yellow, as you would expect. As luck would have it, they are big UO fans, and we all know the team colors are green and yellow. Bright green and yellow, but yet the same. So this color scheme is working well for them. That's why I chose to make this blanket (called the Heirloom Blanket) in white and used a varigated ribbon with shades of both green and yellow. The ribbon edge has a bit of sparkle to it, just to jazz it up. Couldn't resist.

The baby blanket I made for the strange shower tomorrow. Can't you just picture a baby snuggled up in it?

A close-up of the corner detail. Can you see how the ribbon color changes?

I hope she/they like this blanket. It took a fucking long time to make, but it's perfect. As a cautious mom myself, I always used a handmade, knitted/crocheted blanket to cover my kids when they were little and slept in the crib. I liked the fact that those types of blankets had holes in them in case the blanket ever ended up covering their little faces they wouldn't suffocate. I have no idea how my friend will use this blanket, but it's my hope that she does USE it. I want it used. I hope it's barfed on. A lot. I hope it ends up stinking like breastmilk. I hope she has to wash it often. Because then I'll know that the time and effort that went into making it wasn't wasted. I didn't make this to be a "show piece". It's not sheer decoration. It's cute and pretty, and functional. I enjoyed making it for her, and I kept envisioning her holding her first precious newborn baby (that I strongly suspect will be a girl. Just a strong hunch/intuition) wrapped up in it. I hope that image comes true someday and the blanket doesn't end up folded up and put away "someplace safe" or "someplace special".

Now to abruptly change gears: I'm stoked because for a few hours before the baby shower I'm going to be going out and looking at homes with our realtor. I LOVE looking at houses! I think I might have been a realtor in a previous life I like it so much. I've been doing a LOT of research and looking at a LOT of homes online, but that's just not the same as walking into the house and seeing it with your own two eyes. Really experiencing the space. I don't expect to find THE house on the first tour, but you never know. Mr. Chick and I are pre-qualified for a mortgage and have our fat down payment ready, so if I do find the most perfect home ever, I can put in an offer immediately. That's heady stuff for me. But even better? I'll get to hang out with my girlfriends both at the shower and afterwards at our annual White Elephant gift exchange/girls night out and throw back some cocktails and talk about the houses I saw with them. They'll be good sounding boards and keep me in check so I don't get too ahead of myself. Mr. Chick is staying home with the kiddos, so not only do I get to go look at houses all day long, I get to go out with my friends, too. And sleep in the next morning if I want to (or need to!). Yes, it's going to be a VERY good Saturday indeed.

The blanket is gorgeous, MP.

I have to admit though, I'd be scared to use it. We received several handmade/crocheted/piece quilt blankets, and they're all in a box in the closet. Stupid, I know. The only time one got used was at Brody's blessing (christening.)

So, all that being said, I'd write a little note with it- saying everything you said. Kind of like a guilt waiver.

Can't wait to hear about the house! I love looking at houses. Do you ever watch "House Hunters" on HGTV? It's awesome.
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