Monday, January 16, 2006

A Little Blah

Lately, I've just felt a little blah. I think it's the whole mid-January doldrums. There just isn't a lot happening in my life right now, so it's sort of lame to write about. I know you know what I'm talking about. I mean, how witty/thrilling/entertaining is it to write about how my daughter is making me crazy now that she's two? How her list of acceptable food she's willing to eat shrinks daily? How she's more stubborn than even me? Or how she's developed a somewhat violent streak and she aims her punches for your head (or, mostly, Nicholas's head)? Yes, punches. Or how desperately do you want to hear about the shitty day last week, during a 3.5 day stretch of solo parenting when Mr. Chick was out of town on business, when Nicholas had a first-class meltdown (from sheer exhaustion and the fact that he got 3 vaccination shots that day) at the pool during his swim lesson and I had to physically drag him from the pool after only 10 minutes? Probably not so much. I thought so. So I'll spare you.

Instead, I'll discuss the rather bizarre baby shower invitation I received. It's for a good friend (well, the guy is one of Mr. Chick's best friends so we wives have bonded, too) who is having her first baby somewhere at the end of February or first part of March. I started crocheting a pretty baby blanket before Thanksgiving, but had to put it on the back burner when I was scrambling to make all the gifts for Christmas. So I get the invitation and I'm perplexed. You see, it's an OPEN HOUSE format. For a baby shower. Not hosted by the mom-to-be, yet it's at her house. It's not just me, is it, who thinks this is mighty odd? It sort of says, "stop by between the stated hours and drop off a gift. Thanks." Soooo, depending on when you get there you might be the only guest, which could be strange, or you could one of a crowd. I guess you get to graze on some snacky tidbits, but that might feel awkward, too, depending. And having it at the mom-to-be's house is unfortunate because now the poor woman has to clean her house for the party - pregnant. Ewww - that's no fun. The upside is no godawful games. To make this event more enjoyable for all, I put the call out to my other girlfriends I knew would also be invited and made arrangements for us all to go at the same time. That way, we'll be there together and it will be more fun for everyone. I think the open house is from 2pm - 6pm, so we're meeting there at 4pm, and from there we're launching into a fun girls night/annual white elephant gift exchange. So get through the shower in the best possible way, and then go enjoy some cocktails! Lemonade out of lemons, I say.

I'm also dovetailing my time in the Portland area with a meeting with our realtor and our first foray into actually looking at houses in the area. It's time. Mr. Chick won't be with me on this first go-around, but that doesn't bug me. We've bought both the houses we've owned and lived in without the other one present at the time of offer. I was travelling for business when Mr. Chick found our first house and I agreed to buy it based on his description, and I found our current house and he agreed to it the same way. It works. And while I doubt I'll find something on the first trip out to see homes, it's nice to know that if I do, he's good with my instincts and trusts my judgement.

So that's it in a nutshell. I've been so busy, yet strangely have nothing compelling to discuss. I'm sure I'll snap out of this slump - they never last long for me. My apologies for boring you to death! I'll work on being much more entertaining in my next post. Deal?

I feel the same way. However, I was very glad to read about your daughter, because my older son is really being difficult lately. It's nice to know I'm not alone.
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