Friday, January 20, 2006

I Rocked The 80's

The 80's were truly my decade. I rocked in the 80's! I rocked hard. It was my decade. I was all about the big bangs, permed hair, acid wash & zippered ankles Guess jeans, and shoulder pads. OH yes, I had me some big-ass shoulder pads. I did all my formative teen years in the 80's, and even some college. Some serious impressions were left on me since those were my "coming of age" years, all lived in the RAD 80's. As proof, I offer the following photos. A sort of tribute to my younger self. My teenaged self. My 80's self.

Don't laugh too hard - you KNOW you have photos like this in your albums, too.

This is me as a sophomore in high school (and my date - a SENIOR! You know it - I rocked). The year was 1986 and I was 15 years old. Check out those shoulder pads! I did Dynasty proud with those suckers. They look so totally awesome! (said in my best Valley Girl impersonation) I think they added an extra FOOT of width to my already formidable shoulders. Like I needed it or something. And that dress - ! I felt like a top model in that red geometrical dress. It was "designer", don't you know, so it HAD to be cool, right? RIGHT!!? This was pre-perm. That came later, in, like, 1987. So totally rad.

OUCH! Don't get burned by my hotness here. Or get your eyes poked out with those ENORMOUS poofed sleeves! This was me in college - sophomore year. I believe 1989. And my boyfriend right before meeting Mr. Chick. He was nice, but a total geek and I got bored and outgrew him. My dress, however, will live forever. I mean - black satin with silver lame thread?? And the poofiest sleeves ever created? Worn with long black gloves? Does it GET better than that? It was my prom dress and I was determined to wear it again. So I did. In college. At my sorority's winter formal. And I promise it was the last time. I loved that dress. My mother hated it. I'm not sure who was right about it to this day. It still holds a special place in my heart because I simply thought it was the most beautiful thing ever when I picked it out to wear to prom. So even now, despite better judgement today than when I was 18, I still sort of like it. For what it represents. And please take note of the perfectly curled bangs that defy gravity and the permed hair. It was my signature look back then.

The year: 1988. High school graduation. What I notice most about this photo is the hair. So much hair! My bangs literally curled over the top of my cap! And my best friend - she had some rockin' hair, too. We should have bought stock in Aqua Net. We'd be rich women today if we had.

And finally, I leave you with one of my senior portraits. This was taken in 1987 (the 88 is there to denote my graduation year, but it was taken in the beginning of the school year). Right before the perm look was conceived. Back when I was fighting my natural curl and spent over an HOUR blow-drying my hair straight every morning before school. And THEN curling my bangs JUST SO with a curling iron. And then applying massive amounts of hair spray to lock in the look. Note the supreme height of my bangs - 80's perfection! Today, I think I can shower, shave my legs, dress and dry my hair in under 30 minutes. And I only do THAT every other day. Who takes over an hour a day to get ready anymore??! We were such silly girls in high school, weren't we? Or maybe it was just me?

Wow, you are really hot in the pics (no joke)love to email sometime...
You made me laugh when you mentioned the Guess ankle zip jeans. Oh, yes I had them and too thought they were so awesome. Oh, and Aqua Net, big hair....Yah, I was an 80's girl too.
Loved the pictures!
Well, I wasn't in high school til 89, so my style was a mash between 80s and early 90s. Still had a perm, though. Good gracious, WHAT was I thinking?

Fun! And weren't you a cutie?
Had to LMAO at the first comment!!! You go MP!
still giggling...oh and loved the pics. I've got one with the bandana tied around the leg and the big bow in the hair. Nice huh.
I graduated in 1985! I remember the Guess jeans, and we would even sew the inseams of our lower jean legs to make them skinnier! Did you do the leg warmer look ever? Or how about GunneSax dresses? Thanks for the flash back. Shannon
let me tell you, when I find my 80's pictures, you are gonna be embarrassed all over again by your lack of "big hair" cuz, girlfirend, my hair was BIG...what you have their is permissable even today, what I had...dear me, it will embarrasss you think you even know anyone with that hair, this is hysterical, I gotta go find photo's, asap

Jerri Ann
omg, I fogot about the bandana around the leg, lmao, I have one of those somewhere too

jerri ann
LOVE the hair! You had the kind of hair I would have KILLED for back then. I never could get it to curl or stay in place the way I wanted it to. So I'm jealous! Thanks for the flashbacks. =)
OMG hilarious! Love the one with you and the black dress. That is TRULY an 80's picture and I can just tell how ROCKIN you were!

I love the 80's. I'm just a geek like that.

Thanks for the pics!

You did Sooooooooo TOTALLY ROCKED IT IN THE 80's! HOW FUN!

Loved the pics hot babe you!

What, no legwarmers?!

Those are totally awesome, MP!! Like, they rock!
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