Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bye Bye Baby

It's gone. We made the executive decision that the time was right. We couldn't hold off any longer. The last vestiges of infancy and babyhood are no more (unless you count diapers, which remain a staple in this household). Lauren is now sleeping in her big girl twin bed and the crib has been dismantled and tucked away in the garage (or, it will be once I get off the computer and move the crib parts from my entry into the garage, that is.)

Yesterday we had a family shopping day. Those are rare, but fun. We hit Costco - the biggest of all family shopping destinations for us. Then we went to the running store so I could buy brand-spankin'-new running shoes. Asics, naturally (although I'm also a fan of Saucony). I hadn't purchased new running shoes since I was training for the marathon in 1999. Yeah, that long ago. My old shoes were practically vintage - at least according to the oh-so-young and skinny sales girl. Asics had come out with 4 new iterations of my shoes since my last purchase. I'd say I got my money and mileage's worth. My new shoes are awesome and my first run in them yesterday rocked.

After the shoes we hit Bed Bath & Beyond since it was in the same shopping area and decided, on the spot, to buy the bedding we needed for Lauren's bed. We had sheets for her (purchased at Costco - my all-purpose shopping destination these days), but needed a bed skirt and comforter or bedspread or something. Lauren's room, even though we're closing on the house tomorrow and will be moving soon, is lavendar and I wanted to get her bedding to match. I'm planning on her next room being lavendar, too. It's her signature color, dahling. BB&B had a bunch of stuff on clearance and we found a simple lavendar flannel comforter - SO SOFT! And a cute white eyelet bed skirt. Then I found a "bed in a bag" combo that I liked the look of, too. But a quick touch-test proved that the "bed in a bag" sucked for quality and comfort and the simple, plain flannel comforter with separate bed skirt was a better option. Plus, they matched the sheets I already had. So we bought them and I was suddenly excited about moving Lauren out of the crib.

That night it was time to make the switcheroo. The crib came apart with ease. I surprised myself with feeling bittersweet about it. I'm not sure why, but the crib has always been a very sentimental thing for me. I'm planning on keeping the crib. I've sold or given away just about every other baby-related thing, but the crib I just can't let go of. High chair - gone. Exersaucer - gone. Baby toys and clothes - gone gone gone. But the crib? The crib is special. I will put my grandbabies to sleep in that crib. It will come with us to each new house and will be cherished always. And people? There's not a lot I'm sentimental about. Infancy and babyhood are not my favorite ages in childhood. I've always been glad to see my kids get older. So my strange attachment to the crib boggles me just a bit, but there it is.

The crib came down and the bed went up. Lickety split. We had to do some minor rearranging of the room to accommodate the larger bed. Lauren seemed sort of non-plussed by the whole thing. Mr. Chick and I each layed down on her bed, and it's NICE! It's probably the best bed in the house. Just the right blend of softness and firmness. We bought it from some friends who purchased it for their spare room. It was used a couple of times before they downsized and moved into a small apartment and had to dump it. Practically new. So we picked it up - mattress, box spring, and metal frame - for $75. Not bad! I put all the new bedding on it and it looks pretty. There isn't a headboard or footboard, but it's soft and fluffy and feminine without being frilly or overly girly-girl. Because neither Lauren or I are girly girls.

And last night? She slept in it all night long without getting out of bed ONCE! That battle of wills I mentioned before? I think we have a truce. It really wasn't much of a battle after all. More of a minor skirmish.

And I seem to have emerged victorious.

You'll be so glad you kept that crib. We've used Guy's baby crib for all 3 girls. And his sister has his FATHER's baby crib in her spare room. Her grandbabies sleep in it. It's a beautiful thing. Congrats on the smooth transition!
Congrats on the transition... that's huge!

My parents have a nursery set up at their house, and the crib is the same one that all four of us kids slept it. It's neat to think that Brody naps in the same crib that I did almost 30 years ago.

Lauren's bedding sounds adorable. I'm a sucker for eyelet anything!
That is great news about the easy transition. We thought our son would not want to give up his beloved crib, but he absolutely loves his big boy bed; we, okay I, was the only one who had a problem with it.

The bedding sounds adorable, and what a great price on the mattress set; love a bargain!
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