Thursday, December 01, 2005

White Elephant Preview

I finished the slipper socks for one of my mother's Christmas gifts. I did them in red to match the accent color up at my parent's new lake cabin. And, well, they're cheesy. The pattern was easy and I was able to do one slipper in just a few hours - naptime, essentially. They just look so GRANDMA. Like the kind of crochet granny's do. Oh well - I guess it was inevitable that something I make not have any coolness factor whatsoever. And these slippers are far from cool. They're warm! They serve a purpose. They're functional. They're a tad bit ugly... maybe I'll put them in her stocking and hope she gets a chuckle out of them. I'm guessing they'll end up categorized as this years White Elephant gift.

Why don't you sew some maribou along the ankle? Or maybe a puffy ball on the front? Some of that wild fur yarn? And I don't see what's so bad about them - I used to own a pair almost just like those that my great-grandma made, but mine had a ribbon woven through the ankle that was long enough for me to tie a bow in. :) And I was a teenager! (Oh, if my friends knew, I'd have been teased mercilessly). If your mom hates them, send 'em to me - I'll pay you. :)
I'm just so impressed you can actually DO this. But I like Holly's ideas for jazzing them up.
Ok, you need to start charging for these MP (well not the socks, just the other cute things, lol). I just went and picked up a Christmas gift for a friend who just had a baby and I found this adorable crocheted/knit onesie at the gap with a matching hat...$60. Wish you lived closer, I'd hire you!
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