Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I finally got around to having the kids portraits taken. And by professional portraits I mean JC Penny (they were running a good coupon). I do this every year - usually at their birthday. But this year I decided to do them jointly and make things easier on me. So this represents Nicholas at age 4 and Lauren at age 2. They turned out ok - there wasn't the perfect shot in the bunch - but there were plenty of "good enough's" to suit me. I struggled with wardrobe malfunctions like the collar of Lauren's shirt not wanting to lay down nicely and Nicholas struggling to keep his shirt tucked in (normally we don't bother with tucking around here). Amazingly, Lauren didn't fuss with the bow in her hair, the one thing I thought for sure she'd object to. And the one thing Mr. Chick DID object to when he saw the pictures. Sigh. You just cannot please everyone!

The one I ordered...

2nd choice. Lauren would not put her foot down! And Nicholas sort of looks awkward. But good smiles and a cute pose.

Mr. Chick's fave. Nicholas did NOT like his sister sitting on his back like that but hid his displeasure well, don't you think?

good one, but Lauren's face looks chubby.

My big, handsome boy! Right down to his shirt sticking out from the bottom of his sweater.

Sweet girl, who was NOT wild about sitting in that chair... and again with the foot!

MP, they're gorgeous! I can't believe how big they're getting. I remember reading about your pregnancy with Lauren on iP.

I love Lauren's dress... is it velvet?
Cuteness overload!!! Love the pics! I need to get Nathan and Austin shot together, if they even allow me. I don't think Austin will sit long enough to look at the camera, let alone smile decent. Your foot talk was killing me lol!

Happy Holidays~

So cute! I love how they turned out. What beautiful kids!!!!
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