Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy Birthday to MEEEE!!!

Today is my 36th birthday. Man, that sounds so middle-aged. I don't FEEL 36. I hope I don't LOOK 36. I feel more along the lines of 24. I don't delude myself to believe I still look 24, but a girl can dream, right? RIGHT!? I thought so. I mean, what's a dozen years really? I'm not quite at the point of lying about my age the way I do my weight on my drivers license, but it would be nice to get carded again. I AM at the age of appreciating that little white lie.

This morning Mr. Chick let me sleep in. Now THAT'S a gift! The kids are sick so I was up a couple of times during the night with them and it was sheer heaven to get to snooze for as long as I wanted this morning. I woke up to fresh coffee and lots of hugs and kisses. Lauren can even manage to say a semi-intelligible Happy Birthday Mama!, which is just music to my ears. And speaking of music, the "kids" (uh-huh right, the kids) gave me the new Kelly Clarkson CD for my birthday. I've wanted it since summer. Mr. Chick's gift to me was really the new, bigger diamond and getting it reset into my ring, but since he also wanted me to open a little something on my birthday, he got me a bra/panties set from Frederick's of Hollywood. His selection surprised me in that the panties were full-coverage vs. thongs like he likes and like he gave me last year. The bra is shiny and waaayyy padded (I don't need THAT much "wonder" in my daily life, thankyouverymuch), but would be fun to have just for messing around. Which was his intention, I believe. So that was fun to get and model for him. I got a nice check from fil and will use the $$ to buy new running shoes. I'm about 4-5 years overdue on those. I also got a gift card to Barnes and Noble, so I get to go pick out a couple of new books - yay!

I'm not much into astrology, but it's been my habit to read my horoscope on my birthday. I'm a Sagittarius on the cusp of Capricorn, for those who know about these things. And from what I've read about the traits of Sag's, that describes me pretty well. In my local paper this morning, this is my horoscope:

If your birthday is December 21:
Start to look at things the way they truly are. Once you realize what you can do, nothing will stand in your way. Changes do have to be made, and a clear view of what you want must lead the way. Minor accidents are apparent if you don't concentrate while driving or exercising.

You are unique, changeable and very disciplined. You are emotional, strong-willed, lucky and have a vivid imagination. You are worldly, outgoing and not afraid to speak your mind.

I'm not too wild about that part concerning accidents while driving, but I'll be extra-careful, just in case. But the rest of it seems fairly accurate in describing me. I AM strong-willed. I AM lucky. I DO have a vivid imagination. I AM outgoing and I'm NOT afraid to speak my mind. Yep, that's me. Scary, huh?

Happy birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to one fab chick! :)
Found this on another horoscope for those born on December 21st...

Born today, you are an honest, upstanding and idealistic individual, willing to go to great lengths to see justice done. You are no idle dreamer, and you understand it is necessary to get to the heart of the things you despise -- if you are ever to conquer your fears. You believe you must know your enemies if you are to beat them, and you strive to understand their strategies and tactics. You are never one to shrink from a fight, but you prefer to take up arms with your intellect, armed with thoughts and words, not violent deeds.

You have a curious, inquisitive mind, and you are always looking for ways to improve your knowledge -- not only of things that will affect your work directly, but of anything that strikes your fancy. Your grasp of seemingly unrelated topics is remarkable. Also born on this date are: Uri Geller, psychic; Harvey S. Firestone, industrialist; Max Lerner, columnist; John Hillerman, actor.
Not sure if i have every delurked.
I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday !!!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.

Happy Birthday to one HOT MILF!

You look fab! Love that pic of you!

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday! I'm with Kelly, you're a total MILF. ;)

You do NOT look 36, that's for sure. You look younger than me and I'm freaking 27.

I wanna see the ring! Post a picture when you can!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love that picture. You don't look a day over 29. :)
Happy Birthday to a fellow Sag!
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