Thursday, December 15, 2005

Happy 34th, Dear!

Today is Mr. Chick's 34th birthday! He's home today so we're getting him all to ourselves and soaking up all his daddy/husband deliciousness. He got a big gift this morning when the kids and I were gone from the house for about 4 hours. It's not often either one of us gets any alone time in the house, so it was good R&R chill time for him. Then he got to open gifts! Cards from the kids, and a saWEET iPod Nano (in black, naturally) from me. He's been wanting one of those gizmos for months now. MONTHS! And now he has one. And he promptly exchanged it. He got some $$ from his dad and used it to upgrade from the 2gig Nano to the full-on iPod with video. Nice! He's in man-heaven checking it out and discovering all it's features and such. Now he can listen to decent music during his long-ass commutes - his car doesn't have a CD player and his radio reception leaves much to be desired. The kids (cough cough) gave him a tape deck converter thingy so he can play the iPod through the car stereo. He's all set.

For those of you who didn't already know, Mr. Chick is 2 years younger than me, almost to the day (that means I'm 6 days away from my 36th birthday. The horror!). I met him in college - his sophomore year, my senior year - during spring break. He was a baby - just 20 yrs old (even though I initially thought he was older because we met in a bar and I mistakenly assumed he was of legal age. My bad). I've essentially known him almost his entire adult life. He's always had a baby face and people think he's younger than he is (why doesn't that ever happen to ME?!), but over the years I can see that he really is aging, as are we all, but he's doing it gracefully. He actually has a few visible gray hairs now - oh the shock! (I've had far too many grays to count for years now... damn him!). And he's starting to get that more mature chisled look than men get. I think it's HOT. I didn't have time to go through all the pictures we have pre-wedding to do justice to the aging of Mr. Chick, but I did find one readily available and did a quick scan:

MP & Mr. Chick - the beginning. This was taken in 1992, approximately 6 months after we started dating. Yes, we were at a frat party since Mr. Chick was still an undergrad at that time (age 20!) and yes, those are cheap "silver bullets" we're drinking. We're so cool! Damn we look young!

MP & Mr. Chick in the summer fo 2003. You're aging nicely, dear. Just as good at 31 as you were at 20. Better, actually. Just a slightly more filled-out face is all. I mean, look at my belly - that's a pretty "filled out" pregnant belly there. We've both "swollen".

Mr. Chick the dad. This makes him even more sexy to me. He's a terrific father, friend and husband. No one could ask for better. NO ONE!

Mr. Chick the grad. Well done! Here at age 33. Still a hottie (in my eyes). And my, what a lovely daughter you have.... oh how things have changed since that first picture when we were celebrating you giving me your fraternity pin! Just look at us now... better than ever and I hope it stays as strong and good as it is today. I love you, baby! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mr Chick! You look fab! :)
Loved the pictures!

And what is it with men and iPods?
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